GOX partners Tencent Cloud to empower esports livestreaming
GOX, Indonesia’s game streaming platform, announced that it has joined hands with Tencent Cloud to offer livestreaming and esports solutions in Indonesia and Asia. 
SushiVid sees great promise for influencer marketing
The new platform, ConfirmPlusChop, offers brands real-time engagement, instant reactions, inquiries, and feedback and brands only need pay when sales are generated.
MDEC’s Go-eCommerce Expo is all about fostering livestreaming e-commerce
The upcoming Go-eCommerce Expo will focus on livestreaming as a channel for businesses to engage with consumers, capture wider audiences and driving higher sales value.
M17 Group finds value in e-commerce through livestreaming
Selling goods through TV shopping-style livestreaming is the new wave of e-commerce marketing. M17 Group’s CEO tells us why.
Bigo launches Cube TV, elevates gamers in e-sports arena
Hopes to see more Indonesian users turning pro.
Social entertainment company M17 launches livestreaming in Malaysia, Thailand
Livestreaming also includes Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and Hong Kong with close to half a million hours of content each month.
Microsoft prepares to barnstorm VR market
Microsoft's announcement of cheaper and more versatile VR devices is a clear shot across the bows of Sony and Facebook, writes Ajith Ram.  
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