Malaysian healthtech startup DoctorOnCall helps government to combat COVID-19

  • Ministry of Health to address COVID-19 queries through virtual health advisory
  • Relieve overcrowding at clinics, stop spread of misinformation about virus

Malaysian healthtech startup DoctorOnCall helps government to combat COVID-19

To address the growing number of public queries on the COVID-19 disease and correcting misinformation, the Ministry of Health in partnership with healthtech startup, DoctorOnCall, have established a virtual health advisory portal in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language.

This medium, is the first of its kind initiated by a Government in the region. Malaysians can access this for free from anywhere, seven days a week, between 8.30am - 5.00pm via or

“20 of the Ministry’s Family Medicine Specialist together with our digital team are on standby, to ensure this service is ready and able to deal with the influx of public queries,” said Hazwan Najib, cofounder, DoctorOnCall.

The public will be able to search for verified and credible written articles about the disease; take a self-assessment test to understand their risks, and should they wish to clarify their symptoms, speak to Ministry of Health medical personnel via chat, phone or video call. This free virtual health advisory platform allows a doctor to understand callers’ concerns, assess symptoms and advice on the necessary steps to be taken.

Should a patient be identified with a high risk of infection, the necessary protocol within the Ministry of Health Crisis Preparedness And Response Centre (CPRC) will be activated by the doctor. All this is achieved seamlessly.

(L to R) Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, DG of Health Malaysia with the founders of doctoroncall, Hazwan Najib and Maran Virumandi with Chiak Tang the COO

“DoctorOnCall responded to the need of the public to feel safe and engaged by the Ministry of Health in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak. We quickly developed a customised virtual health advisory platform for the Ministry that will serve all public concerns on the COVID-19 disease,” explains Hazwan.

DoctorOnCall feels that this virtual health advisory portal can potentially relieve the crowding seen at many clinics around Malaysia, allay the public’s fears and concerns through reading credible and verified information by the Ministry and most importantly, stop the spread of misinformation on the COVID-19 disease.

“DoctorOnCall is proud to support the Ministry of Health’s initiative at this critical time for the nation,” Hazwan says.

Established in 2017, DoctorOnCall is Malaysia's first and claims to be its largest digital health platform. It offers telehealth consultation, online pharmacy, medication delivery, credible health-related articles, doctors and specialist booking. With its

extensive network of over 1,500 Specialists in private hospitals and more than 100 General Practice (GP) doctors throughout Malaysia, patients are also able to order and receive prescription drugs safely and promptly.

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