HiDoc launches with backing from Singapore Medical Group

  • Provides first-of-its-kind telehealth and video conferencing services
  • Intends to roll out features incorporating artificial intelligence


HiDoc CTO & co-founder Carolyn Goh (left) with CEO & co-founder Dr Christina Low

HIDOC, a platform that will provide telehealth and video conferencing services to patients and give accredited specialists access to patient health records was launched on Jan 30.

The new platform is backed by Singapore Medical Group (SMG), Singapore’s leading private specialist and primary healthcare provider with a network of more than 20 medical specialties.

HiDoc aims to augment the quality of follow-up healthcare and second opinion consultation among patients, making wellness simplified for anyone.

With its network of specialists and multi-faceted communication process, HiDoc aims to deliver the diagnosis within 24 hours or instantly through video conferencing – improving the quality and efficiency of follow-up healthcare.

Specialists and users can both download the app for free which is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. There are currently close to 15 specialists on the platform.

HiDoc chief executive officer and co-founder Dr. Christina Low, said, “We believe there is a huge opportunity in improving the patient experience and enabling healthcare providers access to a seamless platform for follow-up care in Singapore. We want to provide greater value where for example, a diabetic patient who has regular follow-ups with his or her endocrinologist can receive better and continuous management of care by using this platform.

“Examples of continuous care management are adjustment of medication, dietary advice, regular monitoring of hypertension and cholesterol levels, as well as recurring reminders of other diabetic-related care like eye check-ups. We believe continuous care reduces many medical complications, which is one of the reasons why we wanted to launch HiDoc. The platform will be a bridge between patients and specialists.”

HiDoc and DBS Bank have entered a strategic partnership to build an inclusive digital ecosystem for users. The two companies will collaborate with a shared vision to provide a superior user experience, starting with Singapore and extending to other countries as HiDoc expands its regional footprint.

This includes simplifying payment processes on HiDoc by enabling users to transact more conveniently and seamlessly via DBS PayLah! in addition to credit and debit cards.

Under the partnership, HiDoc will also be able to leverage on DBS’ network of more than five million customers in Singapore as it continues to develop and strengthen the reach of its platform.

Dr Low further added, “For HiDoc, the introduction of Patient Health Records make for the foundation of a two-way communication process between healthcare providers and patients more seamless and comprehensible.

“Through this platform, patients will be able to upload their health records and have access to better quality of healthcare services. Especially for overseas patients who are considering treatment in Singapore, HiDoc is a readily-accessible platform for specialists who can provide a second opinion consultation. Hence, this can be accomplished via our multi-faceted communication process.”

As part of the support garnered from Singapore Medical Group, specialists will have easy access to the platform.

Commenting on behalf of Singapore Medical Group, chief executive officer Dr Beng Teck Liang, said, “At SMG, our aim is to look for disruptive solutions in the healthcare sector that offer cutting edge solutions that makes the patient experience seamless and is of great value to our vast pool of specialists. We believe that HiDoc is one such platform and hence extended our support to them.”

HiDoc chief technology officer and co-founder Carolyn Goh, said, “Increasingly, there is a need for innovative digital healthcare models in order to reach out to patients who may lack the resources or access to these specialists physically. These steps would not only save time, but also costs and make follow-up healthcare a convenient process for both the patient and healthcare provider.

“Newer technologies in healthcare are of prime importance in today’s scenario. We believe the medical fraternity, the consumers and industry at large are seeking innovative technologies and we are excited to have made this foray.”

The added benefits of the HiDoc platform would be its readily-accessible information, its savings on costs and time on top of its secure HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliant and 256-bit SSL encryption.

In the next two years, HiDoc intends to roll out several features such as incorporating artificial intelligence, integrating with labs for reports, Health Wallet, additional language support and more.

The firm also aims to include General Practitioners to its network and penetrate into other Southeast Asian markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

HiDoc is in the process of raising fresh round of funds.


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