cuts prices for Watch Over Me personal safety app

  • Now available for RM36 a year, or 10 sen a day, for the full service
  • 32.4% of calls to 999 went unanswered, according to Auditor General cuts prices for Watch Over Me personal safety appSTARTUP Sdn Bhd has cut the price of its Watch Over Me personal safety app from RM80 a year to RM36 for the full service, for those who download it before Jan 31, 2014.
This is about 10 sen a day, the company noted in a statement. [RM1 = US$0.30].
Watch Over Me was created on a simple premise – to let the people who care about you the most, know where you are when you’re in danger, said.
The app works on Android and iOS-powered smartphones to track users’ locations when they need it the most (driving home alone or walking to your car), and automatically alerts friends and family in the event of an emergency. It also allows users to shake their phones to trigger an emergency alert, the company said. noted that despite the Malaysian Government’s announcement of a 26.8% reduction in ‘indexed crime,’ safety is still a major concern for Malaysians. Information released by the Auditor General showed that 32.4% of calls to the Malaysian Emergency Response Services 999 (MERS 999) went unanswered, or a total of 7.65 million calls not responded to.
In late 2013, secured a US$155,000 (RM500,000) grant from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, under the CIP 500 (Cradle Investment Programme) managed by Cradle, an agency under Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance.
This followed an earlier RM100,000 (US$31,200) injection by an undisclosed angel investor.
Watch Over Me can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.
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