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Q&A with Cheong Yuk Wai, founder of MyBiz.Net 
DNA: With your experience running businesses over the years, what could you possibly have to gain from participating in CGP?
Cheong: It was precisely because we have our own experiences over the years that we needed a fresh and objective view. The coaches delivered what they promised -- a rigorous approach to question and check our strategy before going global.
By revisiting every decision over a focused period, we had no choice but to find the time to do the rethinking, something we never got down to as we had so much happening on a daily basis.
The day we think we have nothing to learn from others is the day we cease to be competitive.
DNA: Did the programme meet your expectations? Have you recommended it other seasoned entrepreneurs?
Cheong: CGP is a fantastic programme not because it took us through a disciplined approach to mapping out our strategy, but because the coaches were there to push us through.
Dr Siva (Proficeo chief evangelist Dr V. Sivapalan) deserves special mention. He is the real deal. He truly cares about making you successful. Kudos to him. No one has the time to ask so many questions and make so many decisions.
What better way than to have someone with the experience and commitment to pester you until you do? Once you are done answering the questions you ask of your business, then everything is clear.
In our case, it was clear what we were doing until then wasn’t going to work. So now we know.
DNA: What product do you have that you intend to go global with?
Cheong: Our Total Spend Management suite which covers strategic sourcing, spend management and procurement (Source-To-Pay, Procure-To-Pay).
DNA: How has the product marketing strategy changed after the input you got from CGP?
Cheong: We realised that our plans at that time to go regional and then global were flawed and had very little chance of success. We had to rethink, re-strategise and go global differently.
How different? Watch this space. All will be revealed in the next 24 months.
Coming next: How CGP2 will be different from Phase 1
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