Trend Micro says new Titanium demystifies social networks’ privacy settings

  • Privacy Scanner simplifies privacy settings on Twitter and Google+ and Facebook, for both Mac and PC
  • Also launches Vulnerability Quotient, an FB app that helps users determine how vulnerable they are online
Trend Micro says new Titanium demystifies social networks’ privacy settings

TREND Micro Inc has launched Titanium Maximum Security 2014 which it claims demystifies social network privacy settings for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Trend Micro says new Titanium demystifies social networks’ privacy settingsThe latest version features a unique social network privacy technology which identifies privacy settings that may leave personal or inappropriate information publicly available or vulnerable to identity theft, the company said in a statement.
Everything you do online leaves behind a digital footprint that can lead cyber criminals to you, Trend Micro said. In a recent online poll the company conducted in Malaysia, it found that 69% of the 432 respondent disclose their date of birth on social networks. Furthermore, 47% of the respondents also ‘check-in’ their locations.
With half of the survey respondents posting on their social networks at least once a day, a wealth of information about Malaysians’ personal lives are being disclosed on the Internet every single day, the company said.
“Privacy is a huge concern, and we urge consumers in Malaysia not to be complacent online,” said Terrence Tang, senior director of Consumer Business, Asia Pacific Centre Sales and Marketing, at Trend Micro.
“Personal information is immensely valuable to cyber criminals, who can leverage such information for their own gain, create false identities for criminal use or even leverage your network to target your friends and family,” he cautioned.
Titanium Maximum Security 2014 is the latest iteration of Trend Micro’s flagship all-in-one security solution, equipped with web-threat protection that identifies and blocks dangerous links in websites, social networks, emails and instant messaging.
It also detects spam emails containing phishing scams that can trick users into revealing private personal information.
Its Privacy Scanner now simplifies privacy settings on Twitter and Google+, and Facebook – for both Mac and PC. Facebook settings can also now be managed on-the-go via an Android app. It also gives users control over which apps can access biographical data, and who can tag and see photos.
In this ‘post first, think later’ era on social networks, the Privacy Scanner helps ensure that consumers share information only among those they know, Trend Micro said.
Trend Micro says new Titanium demystifies social networks’ privacy settingsVulnerability Quotient
Trend Micro urges consumers to seek discretion when posting on social networks and diligence in maintaining strong passwords as ways to safeguard their personal lives.
The company has launched has launched the Trend Micro Vulnerability Quotient, available at or via the QR code (left), an app on Facebook that helps consumers determine how vulnerable they are online.
Through a series of questions measuring consumers’ behaviour on social networks and password management, amongst other security issues, consumers can find out what their Vulnerability Quotient is and how exposed they are to falling victim to cyber threats.
The app also allows them to track how they fare among the rest of the population.
“Trend Micro encourages the building of safer digital social cultures, and aims to enable everyone to protect their digital lives,” said Andrew Tan, Trend Micro product marketing manager (Consumer), South-East Asia.
“More than just ensuring safe surfing habits, Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 offers consumers all-in-one, all-rounded protection against identity thefts, viruses and other online threats automatically so they can enjoy their online experiences safely and with a peace of mind,” he said.
Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 is available today from all leading IT retailers and the Trend Micro Website at the recommended retail price of RM109 for one device and RM159 for three devices.
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