New solution stops advanced threats within milliseconds, claims McAfee

  • Combines local and global threat intelligence info and enterprise-wide security products into one
  • Ability to quickly spot and pre-empt advanced threats is now a business differentiator, company says

New solution stops advanced threats within milliseconds, claims McAfeeSECURITY solutions provider McAfee has announced, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, which combines local and global threat intelligence information and enterprise-wide security products into one cohesive integrated security system.
McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange brings a unique approach and capability in the elimination of the gap between encounter to containment of advanced targeted attacks, the company said in a statement.
By sharing threat information across controls and directing preventative actions in real-time, McAfee is able to provide immediate protection against the threats posed by advanced targeted attacks across both network and endpoint controls.
What has traditionally taken days, weeks or months now only takes milliseconds, the company claimed, adding that McAfee Threat Intelligence is a significant evolution of the Security Connected Platform it delivered in 2011.
“We are very excited with the launch of McAfee’s Threat Intelligence Exchange, because this new product will ensure that that organisational threat intelligence can be cross-referenced with global and local threat intelligence,” said Wahab Yusoff, vice president of South Asia at McAfee.
“This exchange would then ensure such threats are taken care of in a fast and efficient manner,” he added.
Recent high profile data breaches highlight the challenge that organisations face in understanding and combating advanced targeted attacks, McAfee said.
In many cases, the breach is not discovered for days or weeks after the initial compromise has occurred, and often far after proprietary and personally identifiable information has been extracted.
The ability to quickly spot and pre-empt advanced threats is now a business differentiator as companies seek to protect their intellectual property and assure customers that their data is safe and secure, the company added.
McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange allows organizations to orchestrate security controls to identify patterns, immunise assets against newly-identified malware, and prevent data exfiltration in real-time – optimising security for each organisation.
It leverages a unique capability called SmartListing that allows broad security controls to extract and exchange contextual information from such examples as certificate information, reputation data, file characteristics and application behaviours within the environment, the company said.
The resulting actionable intelligence allows the organisation to accurately and instantly contain or allow any payload across the organisation’s security controls.
Thus for the first time, as threats appear, defences instantly shield assets much more intelligently and without the limitations of signatures or cloud lookups, it added.
The product is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2014. For more information on McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, visit
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