YTL Foundation providing free mobile phones to B40 families under Learn from Home Initiative

  • YTL Foundation to provide free mobile phone, 12-month YES 4G plan with 120GB data
  • Calls for school teachers to submit nominations of families most in need for devices

YTL Foundation trusts teachers to help it ensure the most needy students will receive the free mobile phones.

YTL Foundation announced 7 April that it is giving away free mobile phones as part of its Learn from Home Initiative. This is in addition to the free YES 4G SIM cards with 40GB of data and free learning resources that have already been made available to students in government schools.

YTL Foundations, working in conjunction with YTL Communications, is offering the free mobile phones to families in the B40 community with children in government schools who do not have smartphones or other smart devices.

Each device offered will come with a prepaid YES 4G SIM card and a 12-month data plan with 120GB of Internet data in total.

The foundation does need help to identify the families most in need of the free devices. As such, YTL Foundation is calling on government school teachers to submit nominations, believing that teachers are best able to identify these families.

“I fully agree that teachers are best placed to evaluate the needs of the students in their class,” says Sherina Aris, former teacher and wife of YTL Foundation trustee Aris Othman.

“I grew up in an extremely poor family, and it was my teachers who helped me finish my education. I had become anaemic from lack of nutrition and it was a teacher who noticed this and sent me to a doctor and found sponsors for my school fees. The other teachers chipped in to make sure I had enough daily nutrition. As a former teacher and someone who has experienced the kindness of teachers, I believe you can trust that teachers have the wellbeing of their students at heart.” 

Adding to that, YTL Foundation chairman Francis Yeoh Sock Ping says: “My mother was a teacher and we grew up seeing her dedication to her students. She would give extra classes to her weaker students every day after school, but not before feeding them as she knew that many would not be able to afford a decent midday meal. We salute all teachers and we trust them to help us ensure that their most needy students will receive the free mobile phones.”

Teachers can nominate students to receive a free device at Successful candidates will be notified and will be required to submit their registration for the free mobile phone and 12-month YES 4G data plan.

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