TM in discussions to address issues faced by Streamyx customers

  • To date, TM has upgraded nearly 50% of Streamyx customers in unifi coverage areas to unifi
  • Where technology permits, TM is doubling the Streamyx speed of those in non-unifi coverage areas


TM in discussions to address issues faced by Streamyx customers


TELEKOM Malaysia Bhd (TM), the nation’s pioneer broadband provider and now convergence champion, on Oct 16 reiterated its commitment to enhance the broadband experience of Streamyx customers; and shared that discussions with the Government and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia are under way to effectively address issues faced by Streamyx customers.

TM would like to reassure its 2.3 million broadband customers and all its stakeholders that TM plays an active part in the dialogue, debate and conversations that are ongoing in the industry towards building a more balanced and inclusive digital nation. This is in line with TM’s vision to deliver high speed broadband with a wider nationwide coverage to all Malaysians.

TM has been continuously investing in its infrastructure over the years, to provide connectivity and also in order to elevate the experience of both its unifi and Streamyx customers, concurrently. The primary focus is in expanding Malaysia’s high speed broadband coverage.

The copper network which is a legacy network, faces many challenges, mainly technological limitations. This is more pronounced for Streamyx customers, whereby the copper network is only able to deliver speeds up to 8Mbps.This requires a longer term and more permanent solution, which will take time to implement and has heavy financial implications.

TM looks forward to a collaborative win-win approach with the government to effectively address the challenges faced by Streamyx customers, once and for all. In order to do this, TM looks to accelerate discussions with the Ministry and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to explore specific funding options, various fit-for-purpose technologies as well as optimising existing industry mechanisms in order to deliver a better broadband experience nationwide.

TM also shared a further update on the progress made with respect to the ongoing upgrade exercise for its Streamyx customers. To date, TM has successfully upgraded nearly 50% of over 340,000 Streamyx customers residing in unifi coverage areas to unifi; at the same price of their current plan. The rest of the 170,000 Streamyx customers who have yet to grab this opportunity for the free upgrade are encouraged to do so. TM aims to complete this unifi upgrade exercise by March 2019.

For Streamyx customers who are currently residing in non-unifi areas, TM is committed to continuously invest in the best fit for purpose technologies to bring high speed broadband to them. Meanwhile, where technology permits, TM is doubling the Streamyx speed at the same price of their current broadband plan. Close to 180,000 of those in non-unifi areas can look forward to receiving this free speed upgrade. TM aims to complete this speed upgrade exercise by December 2018.

Streamyx customers who are eligible for the speed upgrade will continue to be contacted via email and phone. TM urges customers to update their latest contact details i.e., telephone number and email address to facilitate this process. This can be done both via the unifi portal and unifi care app.

However, in order to address the remaining 500,000 Streamyx customers, TM is calling for the discussions with the Government to quickly reach a mutually beneficial outcome for these customers.

TM remains steadfast in its purpose to make life easier for a better Malaysia. In working towards a more definitive solution for an improved broadband experience and a more enhanced digital lifestyle for all its customers, TM would like to acknowledge their trust and loyalty; and values their continued patience and understanding.


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