attracts 12k users to predict Malaysia’s 15th general election

  • Encourage participation in process of democracy, especially young Malaysians
  • Thrilled thousands participated, further development in mind with bigger missions

Reza Razali, founder of Silentmode (seated, right) with his team and interns, who built the website., a new online polling platform reported that 12,963 people signed up to make their predictions for Malaysia’s 15th general election (GE15). A total of 935,714 predictions covering all contested seats at the parliament and state assembly levels were recorded. Within 12 hours of going live, the platform already had 700 signups, and in less than one week, surpassed 12,000. is a project founded by Silentmode Sdn Bhd, a technology company from Bangi which delivers innovative solutions via a Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) model for F&B and fuel retail management.

Reza Razali, founder of Silentmode and said, “Our idea was to provide a convenient way for people to cast their predictions for GE15. We knew online polling platforms like what we were trying to do with were not common among Malaysians during election time, but still went on with the idea anyway and we are grateful for the response.” It took the team, five days to build the site, said Reza.

Part of the mission of was also to encourage people to participate in the process of democracy, especially young Malaysians qualified to vote for the first time.

Two participants on, Amar Muhd (pix, below) and Faisal Abdullah Bada, successfully amassed the highest score of 78, which translated into 171 correct votes - the closest to the actual results of GE15. attracts 12k users to predict Malaysia’s 15th general electionAccording to Amar, 21, “I spent time listening to what young voters like me were discussing on social media and I also looked at what happened in GE14 to give me some perspectives.”

Meanwhile, Faisal, 36, explained, “I extrapolated data points from GE14 results and discussions I had with peers, public opinions as well as patterns of political parties in key seats.” He applauded Silentmode’s initiative to organize the virtual polling.

In return, Reza applauded both Amar and Faisal. “We didn’t expect perfect scores. What the two gentlemen achieved was impressive. Congratulations to Amar and Faisal!” Reza commented.

Amar and Faisal each received an iPad 10th generation from for their achievements. was built as a project by a group of interns and newly hired staff. Reza stated, “We’re thrilled that thousands of people participated by casting their predictions. I am proud of the team behind whose hard work has created a positive impact.”

There’s more to come as well, said Reza. “The GE15 polling on was a good start. But, we are interested in further developing the platform with bigger missions in mind such as to run thematic polls during elections.”


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