MRANTI Park estimates US$4.3bil GDV lift with new Master Plan

  • Hope to advance Malaysia's capabilities in 4IR and fast-growing tech
  • MIMOS strengthened by boosting R&D in specialized semiconductors

At the MRANTI Master Plan: (L2R) Shahril Shamsuddin, MIMOS chairman, Dr Adham Baba, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Ismail Sabri, Prime Minister, Mustapa Muhamed, Minister for the Economy and Dzuleira Abu Bakar, MRANTI CEO.

Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri yesterday officiated the MRANTI Park Master Plan, accompanied by Dr Adham Baba, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. The Master Plan will focus on three core principles i.e. Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Urban/Local Culture.

The Master Plan is expected to deliver an estimated gross development value (GDV) of US$4.31 billion (RM20 billion) with land lease return value of US$600 million (RM2.8 billion). As announced earlier, five  technology clusters are being developed in MRANTI Park, namely drone technology, agriculture, health, bioscience and 4IR enablers.

"With this new Master Plan, we hope to advance Malaysia's capabilities in 4IR and fast-growing technology - from IoT systems and end-to-end IP services to contract manufacturing facilities with advanced technology," said Ismail.

MRANTI Park will be designed to attract young professionals, creating a steady funnel for highly skilled talent. It will also be equipped with modern infrastructure, including high-speed broadband and 5G technology and a research-intensive university.

Adham shared that Mosti is driving several key initiatives which are expected to impact 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs, create 50 proof-of-concepts, prototypes or products and engage with 1,250 business owners while creating an economic value of RM500 million.
"It is important to provide an innovation-centered location with strong infrastructure in order to realise the concept of an integrated co-location. MRANTI Park will be a meeting point for innovators, researchers and investors. Thus, it can unite key stakeholders and strengthen the science, technology and innovation (STI) ecosystem. These factors can attract foreign and domestic direct investment needed to enhance the STI ecosystem and develop the economy," Ismail said.

The 686-acre area has attracted the interest of many technology companies, including Intervenn Biosciences, Aba Biosciences Dedication, BoomGrow, Spygene Laboratories, Vivantis Technologies and Reszon. Several international tech companies have also started negotiations with MRANTI.

In his remarks, Adham noted that a few days ago, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published its Global Innovation Index (GII) where Malaysia

maintained the 36th position. He reiterated that Mosti’s goal is to make Malaysia among the Top 20 ranked countries in the GII by 2030. “Mosti believes we are able to improve Malaysia's position with the implementation of the MRANTI Park Master Plan.”

MRANTI Park will also be developed in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable and Environmental Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Sustainable and Governance (ESG) principles with the goal to create an innovation centre and technology hub based on sustainability, giving inspiration and serving as a catalyst for market-driven innovation through smart partnerships.

"This is in line with our country's aspiration to become carbon-neutral and zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2050 through preserving natural forests and implementing nature-based solutions, which includes complementing the planting of 100 million trees by 2025," said Ismail.

Ismail and Adham also witnessed the Memorandum of Understanding exchange between MIMOS Global and MyEG, Turkish Aerospace Industries (Turkiye), AT&S (Austria) and Efinix (USA).

"In line with the reforms that will be brought to MRANTI, MIMOS will also be strengthened by boosting R&D activities in the field of specialized semiconductors, microelectronics and ICT. The branding to 'MIMOS Global' will symbolise a new, more international image, in keeping with technology that knows no boundaries," said Ismail.

MIMOS is expected to contribute to high value-added upstream activities such as IC design, semiconductor fabrication, advanced packaging and embedded systems where demand is rising fast from increasingly complex industry demand.


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