Malaysia innovation matching platform to propel commercialisation rate

  • Aims to bridge local tech commercialisation 
  • Connects tech providers, seekers with solutions to accelerate commercialisation 

(From left): Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO of MRANTI; Arthur Joseph Kurup, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation; Anwar Ibrahim, Prime Minister, Chang Lih Kang, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation; Huang Tiong Sii, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change at the launch of the Malaysia Commercialisation Summit 2023.

The Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (Mranti) announced the launch of the Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Platform (Match), in a strategic move to provide stronger links for the technology innovation ecosystem. 

In a statement, the agency said, Match is a technology innovation monetisation platform that connects and offers local technology providers and seekers win-win solutions to accelerate technology commercialisation in Malaysia.

Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO of MRANTI said, similar to an e-commerce site, Match in this case, is for anyone and everyone in the innovation ecosystem. 

“By bridging all interested individuals and organisations, we hope to have a tighter, more transparent, cohesive and consistent view on the opportunities and gaps in commercialisation of local  technologies,” she said.

For decades now, the gross domestic product of a nation has been the measure of success. However, the United Nations has stated that “innovation and creativity have become the true wealth of nations in the 21st century.”

“Therefore, we need to foster more value through innovation in advancing the country’s economic and social development - more so, as Intellectual Property and innovation translates into tangible and intangible wealth,” Dzuleira stressed.

According to Mranti, the site is expected to enlist 50 innovation seekers and providers in the initial phase with a 10% successful matching rate target.

It said through Match, researchers, investors, individuals and experts at any stage of their technology development looking for an industry partner or funding, sandbox sites, or technical support and collaboration can search the directory for targeted prospects.  

In providing “match-making” services, the platform will also act as a vibrant marketplace where a list of projects based on the technology readiness level and technology categories align with specific and profitable use cases, it added.

[Ed note: To be sure, similar online efforts to match IP and innovative solutions to interested parties has been done before by various government agencies and ministries in the past, all without much success and impact. The press release from MRANTI does not make clear what lessons it has learnt from those failures and is applying to Match to ensure it has a better chance of success.]

Meanwhile, ministries, government agencies, corporates, or businesses seeking to acquire new technology or searching for solution partners can connect through the platform.

In addition, the platform synergises with and complement various other initiatives and databases including the Malaysia Open Science Platform by Akademi Sains Malaysia as it extends the work of scientists and academia beyond the confines of the laboratory or academia, into the market where innovative technology matches its specific and profitable use case. It is also designed to support forums on licensing, investment and more.

Technology seekers and providers can register on MATCH for free.  Details are at MRANTI’s IP services or email: [email protected]


MRANTI’s partnership with AstraZeneca and EAHSN a boost for healthcare innovators

Additionally, Mranti exchanged two separate Memorandum of Understanding at the MCY Summit 2023 with pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and the Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN) - a United Kingdom government linked company funded by the National Healthcare Service and the Office for Life Sciences.

The agency said these initiatives bring together academia, citizens, health services and industry to realise the value of healthtech innovations more quickly. 

Amongst others, AstraZeneca will consider viable local innovators to be included in its exclusive A.Catalyst network. This is an interconnected and dynamic global network of more than 20 AstraZeneca health innovation hubs, made up of physical locations and virtual partnerships, it added.

As the exclusive partner for the A.Catalyst programme in Malaysia, Mranti said it will funnel Malaysian innovators to a global network of healthcare players, providing them access to conduct clinical or real-world evidence and evaluation through AstraZeneca networks worldwide, and EAHSN’s reach in the United Kingdom. 

This includes research and development activities, market access, strategic partnerships and joint ventures and other business growth activities.

The agency will also lend its experience in running Sandbox and capability programmes, to allow innovators, researchers, startups and high tech entrepreneurs to develop and test their products, services, business models and delivery mechanisms in a safe, live environment.


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