TM ONE unveils the ONE PASS health screening solution to enable Malaysians to return to work safely

  • Temperature updates at an accuracy to within +/- 0.3 degree for up to 100 persons
  • Includes Visitor Management System for handling self-declaration assessments

TM ONE unveils the ONE PASS health screening solution to enable Malaysians to return to work safely
The extension of the conditional movement control order (CMCO) in Malaysia meant that more Malaysians are beginning to return to work. This has raised its own set of questions, primarily on how businesses can ensure a safe work environment for its employees.

One such solution has presented itself. TM ONE, the enterprise and public sector business arm of Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM), yesterday unveiled their smart digital health screening solution. The TM ONE Predictive Analytics Screening Solution, or ONE PASS, works by screening the body temperature of individuals as they enter business premises.

The solution is described as a business continuity countermeasure to Covid-19, which has created a “new normal” for everyday work and living across the world. Businesses that re-open their operations under the CMCO period will have to build upon existing safety protocols and rapidly deploy plans to protect their employees and facilities -- all the while remaining compliant with the guidelines set by the authorities.

“ONE PASS is aimed at providing business continuity for organisations to declare their building as a ‘safe zone’ to work by implementing state-of-the-art health screening solutions,” says TM ONE executive vice president and chief executive officer Ahmad Taufek.

The real time digital solution includes an employee and visitor management app for self-declaration assessment and deployment of thermal cameras and sensors to check body temperatures prior to entering a building.

“With businesses having progressively resumed their operations under strict standard operating procedure, temperature screening and health declaration are among the necessary measures to be adapted in operations as part of the ‘new normal’ towards ensuring the safety of employees and visitors before entering their premises. At TM ONE, we want to provide technologies that further assist businesses and organisations to bounce back safely and responsibly to revive our economy,” he elaborates.


Tracking prowess

ONE PASS is connected to a powerful analytics platform that enables mass individual analysis and swift in-building people racking from a centralised dashboard.

“With ONE PASS, we are able to deliver a solution, which is contactless, and with real-time temperature updates at an accuracy to within +/- 0.3 degree Celsius for up to 100 persons a minute within the range of between 1 meter to 3 meters,” says TM ONE Product and Solution head Mohamad Yusman Ammeran.

He adds that the solution also includes a Visitor Management System (VMS), developed in-house, for handling self-declaration e-forms and identifying individuals with symptoms of fever within the premises.

VMS is capable of storing 25,000 user profiles and allows for a comprehensive on-premise tracking, along with an open Application Programming Interface (API) that allows easy integration with other predictive analytics engine, pandemic Geographic Information System (GIS) and contact tracing system.

“The data from VMS and the thermal cameras are hosted in secured, world-class TM ONE data centre,” he concludes.

ONE PASS is powered by TM ONE Cloud α, supported by artificial intelligence (AI) that collates data on a centralised dashboard based on visitors’ information management for reporting and analytics.

This enables organisations to promptly react should any potential health risk arises -- real-time escalation to the relevant response teams and authorities can be done more effectively, helping prevent new infections. Besides that, the solution also enables business owners to swiftly and effectively track their visitors and employees.

TM ONE Cloud α, which was recently launched, is aimed at boosting the end-to-end digital offerings for Malaysian enterprises and public sectors to further strengthen their resilience in their digital transformation journey.

“We will continuously adapt our services and solutions to help our stakeholders through this challenging period. TM ONE remains committed, with our full suite of digital services and solutions, to help enterprises, public sector, and all Malaysians stay home, stay connected, stay productive, stay in business, stay informed and stay served throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) and beyond,” Ahmad Taufek concludes.


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