Taiwan Smart Manufacturing

Taiwan’s Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem offers sneak peek at next-gen automation

  • Five Taiwanese companies showcase solutions at Smart Nation Expo 2023
  • Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade sees mutual benefits from Taiwan-Malaysia trade

Five Taiwan companies with cutting-edge Industry4.0 solutions and systems took part in the Sept Smart Nation Expo 2023 held in Kuala Lumpur.

As Malaysia continues to push forward with its ambitions to develop its Industry 4.0, the Taiwanese government has expressed its support and optimistic about Malaysia’s future in this field.

A product launch, titled “Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem”, was held on Sept 19 during the Smart Nation Expo 2023, offered visitors valuable insights from five cutting-edge Taiwanese companies, including Smart Manufacturing, AI, Industrial Control & IoT, Smart Factory, Digital Transformation and System Integration, Smart City and Smart Total Solution.

In her opening speech, Cynthia Kiang (pic, below), Director General of Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade remarked that Taiwan is a global leader in advanced technologies and is confident that Malaysian and global companies will find value in what Taiwan has to offer. She added that building cooperation between Taiwan and Malaysia will go a long way to create mutually beneficial outcomes for the long-standing trade partners.

Taiwan’s Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem offers sneak peek at next-gen automation

Steven Chen, Vice President of HwaCom System Inc, was the first to take to the stage and introduced his company’s feature packed real-time monitoring system. This software solution is designed not only to automatically report any issues in real time but features early warning features to warn of potential issues so preventive measures can be taken. The system is ideal in a smart factory setting and works seamlessly across multiple platforms and can be tailored to a wide variety of uses. In addition to manufacturing, the cyber monitoring system is currently employed in the healthcare industry, airport and railway systems across Taiwan.

Axiomtek Co is another key player in the field of smart manufacturing and its Technical Director, CC Lee, spoke at length about the benefits of applying AI driven IoT solutions in manufacturing. The company’s system incorporates a plethora of sensors to look for trends in the overall workflow and feed the data to the cloud where an AI system continuously learns and refines the process. This helps businesses to continually optimize their process, improve quality control and predictive maintenance capabilities to reduce down time.

Solomon Technology Corp focused on its visual AI system and augmented reality solutions. According to Product Manager, Aleksandra Miekus, the company’s AI powered smart manufacturing system can merge seamlessly with existing analog systems through a series of advanced visual sensors.

This allows the system to be implemented as a layer on top of legacy system without having to invest heavily in a complete smart system. This helps companies scale towards a smart factory gradually and offers process refinement every step of the way. The augmented reality system offers real-time visual guidance on operation procedures and can significantly improve safety and reduce training time.

ASIA IC MIC-Process Inc’s Marcom and IP Director, Chilly Chiou, took to the stage to explain the company’s intelligent semiconductor slurry delivery system (SDS) and chemical delivery system (CDS). The company’s award winning delivery system incorporates sensors, filtration system and flow control to provide unrivaled liquid delivery in a wide variety of critical applications. The company’s systems are used in many of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Peter Lee, Business VP of Hang Quan Technology Co, rounded out the Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem launch with an introduction of the company’s sensing and controller system, particularly the radar sensing systems.

Hang Quan Tech offers radar sensors in a wide range of bandwidths to suit a variety of situations, from autonomous driving, smart city traffic flow, car park control system, fleet management to flood control system. It has received certification from Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea and the United States and its products are used by some of the biggest players in the Japanese construction industry.


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