Singtel unveils platform for 5G network services orchestration

  • All-in-one platform for 5G edge computing, cloud services
  • Empowers companies to deploy applications in hybrid fashion

Singtel unveils platform for 5G network services orchestrationSingtel has launched Paragon, a platform that enables enterprises to tap into its 5G network to activate network slices on demand, deploy mission critical applications on Singtel MEC (multi-access edge compute)

Paragon can also give customers access a robust ecosystem of partner applications, offering them unparalleled control and choices, the telco said in a statement. 

Singtel said the platform also empowers enterprises to securely deploy applications in a hybrid fashion across the edge at Singtel MEC and a public cloud of their choice.

Developed in-house, Singtel claimed that Paragon is the industry’s first all-in-one orchestration platform for 5G edge computing and cloud services. 

According to Singtel, it significantly reduces the complexity and time needed to adopt 5G MEC and low latency applications and services – lowering the barriers to entry for enterprises, enabling faster deployment of use cases while removing considerable operational and cost overheads.

Bill Chang, (pic) chief executive officer of group enterprise Singtel, said many enterprises are undergoing rapid digitalisation while exploring and developing tailored 5G solutions for Singtel unveils platform for 5G network services orchestrationdeployment in their industries. 

“We understand the challenges and complexities that they face in managing the various networks, edge cloud applications and services with the required cyber security, resiliency and demanding service assurances required, cost-effectively.

“Paragon was conceived, developed and delivered to help enterprises meet these needs through a single platform,” said Chang.

He said Singtel is already witnessing exciting and successful trials being conducted on Paragon and invite partners in 5G-related fields, from chipset manufacturers, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, apps and software developers, content producers, systems integrators and solution providers, to join the company as it scales this platform.

Singtel said Paragon empowers enterprises to interact with the 5G network and deploy their edge computing applications and services on its infrastructure independently, securely and within minutes. 

It claimed this shortens their innovation curve and improves time-to-market as well as reduces costs. 

Additionally, enterprises can also access a wide range of solutions from our partners to deliver their 5G use cases, the telco said.

Compared to the current 4G and public cloud-enabled edge computing solutions, Paragon provides a huge improvement in latency with much higher bandwidth throughput from Singtel’s 5G network. 

This means better performance and faster decision-making at the edge where the data resides, critical for use cases like autonomous systems like robotics, drones and vehicles, immersive, video-rich experiences and powerful real-time edge AI use cases, the company said.

Other unique 5G features like network slicing, which usually requires weeks to acquire and set-up can be done almost instantly, autonomously and as many times as needed. Enterprises can also optimise cost by utilising a network slice only when there is a need and for the intended duration, it explained.

Singtel’s 5G ecosystem partners play a key role in delivering the overall solution built on the Paragon platform.

Through the Paragon Marketplace, which operates like an app store, partners can integrate their offerings through a robust industry standard application programming interface to rapidly build and deploy their solutions on Paragon, Singtel said.

Some of these solutions already available include real-time fleet management, mixed reality and metaverse-based simulations, smart warehouse management, among others, it said.

Singtel said as it scales Paragon across the region with a number of telecommunication leaders, partners in its 5G ecosystem will have access to multiple markets based on their solutions they have built on the Paragon platform. 

For more information on Paragon, how it can help businesses and how enterprises can join the ecosystem, please visit


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