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NT develops international telecom networks, aiming to drive Thailand to become an ASEAN Digital Hub

  • Comprehensive services of both submarine and terrestrial cable systems
  • Entrusted by international operators to connect with major global digital hubs

NT develops international telecom networks, aiming to drive Thailand to become an ASEAN Digital Hub

National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT), Thailand’s largest international telecommunication network provider, has developed an extensive infrastructure network to support the demands of domestic and international connectivity requirements, offering advance technology and delivering digital services to serve all business needs, as well as expanding network coverage across ASEAN to serve partners with the fastest and most reliable routes, driving Thailand to become an ASEAN Digital Hub.

NT is the result of the Jan 2021 merger between TOT Public Company Limited (TOT) and CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT). The merger enabled NT to consolidate all infrastructure and network of TOT and CAT to deliver the most reliable services to customers with the following seven strengths:

NT develops international telecom networks, aiming to drive Thailand to become an ASEAN Digital Hub

1) Over 25,000 telecommunication towers nationwide covering all areas in Thailand.

2) Nine international submarine cable systems that connect to every continent.

3) Five main frequency bands totaling 540 MHz

4) Underground conduits with a total distance of 4,600 kilometers

5) Four million core kilometers of fiber-optic cables

6) Unrestricted international phone calls from all countries

7) 13 data centers across Thailand enhanced by safe storage with NT’s world class cloud and cyber security services.

NT develops international telecom networks, aiming to drive Thailand to become an ASEAN Digital Hub

International data communications connecting Thai businesses to the world

In order to streamline international data communications and support the expansion of businesses internationally, NT has developed a telecommunication infrastructure with “NT International Network Solutions”, an international data communication service with submarine cable systems connecting Thailand to various destinations around the world. The service enables NT to truly become one of the Leading Telecommunication Service Providers in ASEAN, which provides comprehensive services of both submarine and terrestrial cable systems.

NT International Private Line Service provides secure and reliable high-speed data communication with SDH/DWDM technology over efficient fiber optic cable networks with international standards and quality guarantee throughout the route.

NT International Ethernet is a high-speed data communication service on Internet Protocol (IP) networks, superior at Layer 2 level with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) international standards.

NT International MPLS provides high-speed data communication service with Multi-Protocol Label Switching technology, with advanced Layer 3 level responding to the work style of organizations in the future and supporting a variety of IP applications.


Communication networks around the world with nine submarine cable routes

NT has more than 10 Point of Interconnection (PoI) to neighboring countries and six submarine cable landing stations – Chalie 1 in Phetchaburi, Chalie 3 in Chonburi, Chalie 4 and Pak Bara CLS in Satun, and Chalie 2 and Songkhla CLS in Songkhla – ready to connect to the world with the multiple submarine cable systems of up to 9 routes – AAE1, AAG, APG, FLAG, SJC, SMW-3, SMW-4, TIS, and ADC – which will be available for service by the end of 2023.

Furthermore, NT has several Points of Presence (PoP) for data transmission in all regions of the world. Well-equipped with comprehensive and effective terrestrial and submarine cable systems as well as consistent quality improvement in line with international standards, NT is one of the service providers that international operators entrust to connect with major global digital hubs, content providers, and cloud services around the world.


NT develops international telecom networks, aiming to drive Thailand to become an ASEAN Digital Hub

Data PoP expansion to Singapore and Hong Kong to support increased traffic

In order to support the more than double anticipated future traffic growth and ever-increasing trend of bandwidth usage, NT plans to expand its PoPs channels, offered in two forms. The general Internet PoPs link gateways to the United States, Europe, and Asia while Data PoPs provide private data communication services so that businesses can connect to countries globally on the highest security standards.

Most recently, Data PoPs have been expanded to Hong Kong and Singapore, an expansion from the original operation since 2010, by adding the AAE-1 submarine cable system to the existing AAG and APG routes in Hong Kong Data PoP and adding the TIS and APG submarine cable systems to the existing AAG and SMW4 routes in Singapore Data PoP. Moreover, the operating platform has been upgraded to support a wider range of connectivity technologies, enabling domestic users to better connect to countries globally, both in terms of internet usage and a private network connection. The expansion also reduces the risk in the event of a problem with one of the submarine cables as the system will automatically switch channels to provide the most stable service. Technically, the capacity expansion this time will help expand the service capacity to 100 Gbps and give Thailand more backup routes for international communication.

NT continues to accelerate the development of its telecommunication networks to meet business needs, especially with regard to 5G services, and to drive Thailand's telecommunications and digital services for the country to become an ASEAN Digital Hub.


NT Contact Center 1888 or www.ntplc.co.th

Government Solution Tel. (+66) 2 104 1111

Business Solution Tel. (+66) 2 104 5555

Operator Solution Tel. (+66) 2 104 8888

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