JobStreet, FutureLearn partner to upskill, reskill Malaysian workforce with free international courses

  • Chance to unlock 100k free courses on emerging, transferrable soft skills
  • Candidates receive validation with sharable certs upon course completion

JobStreet, FutureLearn partner to upskill, reskill Malaysian workforce with free international courses

Leading online employment portal JobStreet has teamed up with FutureLearn, a British digital education platform, in an effort for Malaysians to continuously upskill and reskill themselves. Its objective is for candidates to ‘level up their careers’ to constantly be in demand with employers.

JobStreet, FutureLearn partner to upskill, reskill Malaysian workforce with free international coursesJobstreet country manager Simran Kaur (pic) said that, even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the employment market was already in a ‘state of disruption’ with automation threatening various existing jobs coupled with a shortage of qualified talent in emerging roles.

“There is an immediate need for the upskilling and reskilling of present employees to become what the industry terms as ‘workforce of the future’,” said Simran, adding that the Covid-19 pandemic had accelerated the urgency to do so.

Under this partnership with FutureLearn, JobStreet is offering individuals the opportunity to unlock access to any game-changing courses comprising emerging technologies such as data science, digital marketing and cryptocurrency, subject to one course per individual.

FutureLearn, founded in December 2012, is jointly owned by The Open University, a public research university and the largest university in the UK for undergraduate education, and SEEK Ltd, JobStreet’s parent company.

It is a one of the world’s most reputable open online course learning platforms, and as of June 2020, included 175 UK and international partners, including non-university partners.

“The purpose of this partnership is for candidates to take their career options to the next level with a range of emerging and transferable skills courses,” said Simran.  “Upon completion of their respective courses, candidates would then receive their certificate which they could then attach to their JobStreet profiles.”

JobStreet, together with JobsDB, is part of the SEEK Asia Group.

Across the region, SEEK Asia is offering over US$5 million (RM20.4 million) worth of certified courses to be redeemed across the countries of Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand provided in partnership with FutureLearn.

“Our aim in this collaboration is so candidates can hone their transferrable and emerging skills to help them future-proof their careers as the job market continues to evolve,” said Simran.

The campaign, which concludes on 31 May 2021 or when the 100,000 course vouchers are fully redeemed, offers over 80 courses focusing on emerging and transferrable soft skills.


Seeking for ‘Jobs that Matter’

Simran encouraged the local workforce to keep growing skills and experience while seeking for ‘jobs that truly matter’.

“Keep seeking for jobs that matter: Keep seeking for work that matches your passion and purpose in life,” she urged, adding that it is JobStreet’s mission to help candidates find roles that match their purpose and passion.

With this partnership, Malaysians can now learn 100% online with universities and industry experts with a diverse selection of courses. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Simran stresses that JobStreet believes that learning should be an enjoyable, social experience. “These courses offer the opportunity to discuss what you’re learning with others as you go, helping you make fresh discoveries and form new ideas.”

Once completed, candidates can then unlock new ‘jobs that matter’ opportunities with their new found knowledge and skills.

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