edotco Myanmar leads with sustainable telecom infrastructure

  • Pioneers the first hybrid solar-wind turbine energy solution in the country
  • Collaborates with Mandalay Yoma, and connects sites with mini solar grids


edotco Myanmar leads with sustainable telecom infrastructure


EDOTCO Myanmar Limited, an integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company, reinforces its commitment to championing sustainable telecommunications infrastructure as it kicked off two projects focused on using renewable energy to increase operational and energy efficiencies as well as reduce operating expenditures while staying environmentally friendly.

edotco Myanmar recently pioneered the first hybrid solar-wind turbine energy solution in the country, a home-grown innovative solution which provides complete off-grid reliability, serving as an efficient way to power up towers located in areas with low accessibility to electricity.

Aimed at achieving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs, the hybrid system developed by edotco will serve as a viable alternative over diesel generators, which are currently deployed in remote locations not connected to the electricity grid.

The recent success of the proof-of-concept project in Tanintharyi Region demonstrated the high potential of the green technology that is cost-efficient, reliable and environmental-friendly.

“The limited electricity supply and poor grid infrastructure in Myanmar presents challenges when providing connectivity to remote areas of the country. Hence, we set out to develop this sustainable power solution which can be deployed rapidly, even to the remotest parts of the country.

“Myanmar’s unique topography results in great wind power density and high solar penetration, making the country prime for renewable energy resources. This not only encouraged the team to harness the efficiencies of coupling wind and solar infrastructure but also falls nicely in line with our commitment to reducing the impact to the environment with green engineering.

“This highly scalable technology also benefits mobile network operators who are looking to speed up their network roll-out with the necessary infrastructure in place,” said edotco Myanmar country managing director Vijendran Watson.

The hybrid systems combine solar panels and a wind turbine for sustainable power generation. Equipped with a helical vertical axis wind turbine that is designed for low wind zone, it allows even the lowest wind speed to be captured from any direction and turned into electricity.

In another project, edotco Myanmar collaborated with Mandalay Yoma, and recently successfully connected sites with mini solar grids, which removes the need to run diesel generators and effectively reduce carbon emission and noise pollution in its surrounding areas.

The mini-grid will also enable 125 households with basic electricity, significantly improving their day to day lives and allowing them to enjoy the use of modern appliances. Aside from that, this mini grid will also power up water pumps for irrigation, and street lamp posts effectively increasing comfort levels and security at these areas.

“This initiative is also a first of its kind for edotco as we strive to incorporate green technology into our business model. Aside from running a more sustainable, responsible business we are also aware of the needs of the community and aim to deliver solutions which are able to help improve their quality of lives” added Vijendran.

edotco Myanmar is part of edotco Group which champions sustainability in its operations as a form of corporate social responsibility with a commitment to green technology. As of end 2018, a total of 1085 sites across the edotco Group’s footprint have been installed with renewable energy systems, with the excess power generated to the surrounding rural communities.


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