Dattel, EasyStore in first party data collaboration #CelikDataEcommerce

  • Empowering 1k online business with actionable data analytics
  • First party data crucial with advent of increased privacy environments

Dattel, EasyStore in first party data collaboration #CelikDataEcommerce

Dattel Asia Group, a leading data analytics & consumer intelligence company, and EasyStore, a multiple sales channel platform, have joined forces to launch #CelikDataEcommerce – an initiative to help 1,000 online business owners to be sustainable with the power of actionable data analytics.

While it has been spoken of at length, the application of data analytics in the real business world, especially among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is still at its infancy. This is primarily due to the fact that SMEs severely lack the time and resources to organise, process and manage their data. This collaboration between Dattel Asia Group and EasyStore aims to address the problem via a series of knowledge sharing sessions and easy access to customer data analytics tools.

#CelikDataEcommerce will be deployed in three phases preparing and guiding online businesses to kickstart their data journey.

Phase 1 - Getting the ideal customer segment

Phase 2 - Empowering merchants' 1st party data

Phase 3 - Cross-selling & upselling between merchants

Ashran Ghazi (pic, above), CEO of Dattel Asia Group said, "With the advent of increased privacy environments, merchants will become blind to the behaviour and preference of customers. First party data will be of critical importance. Businesses that can harness them sooner will have an early advantage over the rest. We will help online business owners to be ready and future proof their business now. It is all about making data simplified!"

He also reinforces that while a lot of businesses are just getting into the online space, it is imperative for them to be data aware / #celikdata and take the necessary first steps. "The market moves really fast nowadays, and if online business owners do not equip themselves with the right data, they will surely lose in the market," he added.

The launch last week saw a keynote from Aiza Azreen Ahmad, Chief Digital Business Officer, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation. “Data is the new currency. Data-driven innovations will be key towards transforming our future, in line with the goals set forth in the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDigital). We are fully supportive of private sector collaborations such as Dattel Asia Group and EasyStore in making consumer data analytics accessible and affordable via #CelikDataEcommerce.”Dattel, EasyStore in first party data collaboration #CelikDataEcommerce

"I am very excited about this collaboration with Dattel Asia Group as it will give an edge to EasyStore customers in ensuring that their business remains resilient and we look forward to helping them kickstart their data journey,' said Frost Chen (pic), CEO of EasyStore.

To participate in #CelikDataEcommerce and get its benefits (such as training sessions and special rate to customer analytics tools), SMEs are encouraged to join the online community at Facebook EasyStore Community.

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