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DaaS 360: Creating a future-proof, sustainable business ecosystem

  • Businesses encouraged to explore DaaS solutions 
  • DaaS enables companies to adhere to ESG compliant 

DaaS 360: Creating a future-proof, sustainable business ecosystem

Subscription-based services are well-known in the market. From streaming entertainment and music to getting food delivery and beauty products, consumers can get access to these services at a flat monthly rate without having to commit to purchasing the equipment upfront.

According to ICT Zone Asia Berhad, this "as a service" concept has evolved rapidly and to date, it allows companies to utilise a wider array of tools.

For industries that require IT devices to operate, ICT Zone said they should definitely explore device as a service (DaaS) solutions as it offers IT rental such as PCs, smartphones and other mobile computing devices as a paid service. 

By leveraging DaaS, companies can affordably secure both updated IT solutions and support services, it added.

In Malaysia, public listed companies have been required to report Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)-related obligations since 2016. Recently however, Bursa Malaysia requires listed firms to disclose in greater detail the material management and  environmental and social risks and opportunities. 

What this means is ESG will have better regulation and management and businesses should be prepared.

Aside from complying better to worldwide sustainability goals, ESG-compliance can also offer companies with tax redemption, grants, and opportunities in increasing return on investments. 

This is also in-line with the zeitgeist of our time, ICT Zone said, where consumers and stakeholders are more conscious of the need for sustainable business practices for the planet and people. 

Authentic brands with a good track record in ESG-compliance and sustainability will have a higher chance to win market share,  it added.

With DaaS, there will be less physical devices being wasted after their life cycle ends. Instead, device subscription guarantees that the products will be repurposed, reconditioned and reused, it said.

This will thus support a circular economy where materials are kept inside life cycles, facilitated by DaaS services such as DaaS 360, ICT Zone added.


DaaS 360: The Leading DaaS Provider in Malaysia

ICT Zone's DaaS 360 simplifies how commercial organisations access technology and be equipped with the right hardware and support, all backed by a robust financing service and sustainable practices.

In the same way where companies are used to buying software as a service on subscription-based pricing, they can now purchase bundled hardware and software as a subscription service instead of paying an upfront lump-sum fee.

DaaS 360 plans provide attractive features for massive cost savings, smart rental, enhanced performance, remote manageability, security, and stability for businesses everywhere. 

ICT Zone notes that in IDC’s 2021 Device as a Service MCS study, 48% of users said adopting DaaS allows for better end-user devices and experiences.

In other words, DaaS 360 is not just the leasing of hardware and software—it’s a complete IT management package. 

While Device as a Service is a relatively new phenomenon, it offers big rewards for businesses whereby early adopters have:

Greater freedom with positive cash flow

Bid goodbye to paying a hefty lump sum for devices that will eventually become outdated. Instead, you can benefit from the latest hardware via a predictable monthly subscription model.

Total device lifecycle services

Expect a zero-stress IT environment as they take care of everything from device configuration to optimisation, maintenance, and device disposal.

Increase business productivity

Experience reduced downtime and streamline complicated tasks by employing DaaS 360 services.

Enhanced security

Reformatting your device does not necessarily prevent the leak of sensitive data. That is why DaaS 360 offers onsite secure data erasure with certified software for retired devices, ensuring that your company and user data is 100% erased and non-recoverable.

Optimise business operations

For total visibility, DaaS 360 provides proactive device insights and predictive analytics. This, in turn, improves productivity and accelerates business growth by making data driven decisions.

Guaranteed business continuity

Are you experiencing viruses and system failures? Don't let unplanned circumstances cause a delay. DaaS 360 provides loan units and insurance so that you can continue doing business while waiting for replacements.

An ecosystem of services and products that supports a circular economy

ICT Zone adopts a circular economy approach, whereby the company offers  products that are designed to be durable, recyclable, and reusable.

The firm’s "Buy Back Program" allows customers to recycle retired devices or simply trade them in for cashback. By recycling electronics, businesses can fulfill their ESG commitment and protect the environment thrrough sustainable practices.

For more information on what DaaS 360 has to offer, visit https://daas.my/ and their social media channels, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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