High-performance analytics for local businesses

  • It’s the era of big (and complex) data
  • Analytics can reveal hidden relationships to benefit businesses

SAS Malaysia managing director Andrew TanSAS has rolled out SAS High-Performance Analytics software for enterprises and organizations in Malaysia, describing it in a statement as its most significant technology advance in at least 10 years.

The appliance-ready software performs complex analytics on big data. “We realized that organizations were accumulating massive amounts of data that could provide answers but the analysis took so long to process, answers were irrelevant by the time the computer spat them out,” says SAS Malaysia managing director Andrew Tan (pic).

“Business leaders don’t want to wait overnight to process data. They want information as quickly as possible and they want to access it when they need it, wherever they are,” he adds.

According to Forrester Research, on average data doubles every 18 months for critical applications, while for some, such as telecommunication call-data-record applications, it can quadruple in the same period.

In the past, organizations relied heavily on transactional and electronic commerce data, but today, new types of workloads are entering the organizational landscape, ranging from mobile, social media, instrumented data, metering data to documents, audio, and video, SAS says.

Unstructured data, accounting for more than 80% of today’s data, can be difficult to analyze, often swamping traditional computer architectures.

SAS claims its High-Performance Analytics enables organizations to address “big data,” to reveal hidden relationships within structured and unstructured data, in order to uncover potential opportunities, such as new lines of business, untapped customer segments, client satisfaction issues and profits.

The SAS High-Performance Analytics product family includes other solutions, such as SAS High-Performance Risk, SAS Visual Analytics and its patent-pending SAS LASR Analytic Server.

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