Chong Jinn Xiung
Apr 17, 2017

Fitbit’s latest fitness band does not only look at your activity levels but also monitors your sleep quality too.

Chong Jinn Xiung
Sep 24, 2016
  • FThe Charge 2, Flex 2 aim to encourage users to lead more active lifestyle
  • Educating public on the importance of staying fit is imperative


Chong Jinn Xiung
Dec 30, 2015

With a new year just around the corner, Chong Jinn Xiung offers some suggestions on how to get off on a good start.

Keith Liu
Oct 21, 2015
  • Making choices on how we use our time is one thing, sticking to them is another
  • Smartphones help us be productive but can also be a source of distraction

Karamjit Singh
Jul 27, 2015

Joel Neoh has a deliberate and clear strategy in raising funding for his health and fitness startup KFit, designed to ensure he gives out as little equity as possible for the money he needs to raise to build an Asian-wide business. Karamjit Singh has the story.

Digital News Asia
Jul 21, 2015

Regional fitness-sharing platform KFit, founded by entrepreneur and former Groupon international vice president for Asia Pacific Joel Neoh, said it has raised US$3.25 million in an investment round led by Sequoia Capital.

Karamjit Singh
May 08, 2015

Not surprisingly, DNA founder Karamjit Singh’s thoughts this week revolve around Joel Neoh and what he brings to the table with his latest foray into the startup world, while those of you in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore may want check out the broadband affordability story.

Karamjit Singh
May 06, 2015

Keeping fit is what has got Joel Neoh excited enough to base his new startup KFit on it. Not only is the market size large, he also sees a greater purpose – to help raise fitness and by association, health levels across Asia Pacific. And for starters, he believes he has possibly raised the largest pre-seed funding round in Asia.

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