Keep investors in the loop
As uncomfortable as the thought of investors as their ‘bosses’ may be to many founders, the fact remains that they do hold a stake and, as such, have both a voice and role to play in your company, writes Gabey Goh.
Start with your means; do the doable; then push it!
Our columnist ‘Dash’ Dhakshinamoorthy explores two other questions often asked by aspiring entrepreneurs: Where do I begin? And what kind of risks should I be aware of before I step out into the unknown and turbulent world of venture creation?
Fashion retailer Inverted Edge secures US$1.6mil in funding
Singapore--based global online fashion retailer Inverted Edge said it has raised over S$2 million (USD$1.6 million) through initial investments by venture capital funds and private investors.
e27 gets US$614,000 worth of funding, to expand regionally
e27 has secured a S$760,000 (US$614,000) round of funding, and will use it to expand its operations in South-East Asia.
Where ideas don’t count; not at first anyway
The first Founder Institute boot camp attracted close to 100 participants, where the accelerator said its selection would be made based on founders having right set of aptitudes and character traits, not the strength of their ideas.
Week in Review: Start-up and funding ecosystem questions
It’s about the role of the funding ecosystem, including accelerators, and on the value our start-ups slap on themselves, writes DNA founder Karamjit Singh.
Counterpoint: The case for angels and VCs
In response to our previous commentary on Angels with pitchforks, VCs who don’t venture, DNA guest columnist and founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures Vinnie Lauria offers the other side of the story.
DropMySite founder follows own path … mostly
Founder of email and database back-up site follows what works for him, but is practical about the realities of Asian investment culture.
Angels with pitchforks, VCs who don't venture
The technopreneurial ecosystem in Malaysia is allowing the angels and VCs to dictate terms. DNA’s A. Asohan says it’s time to fight back.
Focused on TaxiMonger
TaxiMonger’s co-founder Nizran Noordin talks about the lessons he learnt from a three-month accelerator program he took part in this past June.
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