Author: Edwin Yapp

Net censorship: Do the ends justify the means?
Mention the “c” word these days, and everyone gets edgy and nervous. After all, the issue of censorship is always a prickly issue, regardless which country you’re from.
Podio, the enterprise social collaborative tool
An innovative Danish startup, Podio, recently acquired by Citrix Systems, develops a social collaboration tool with Facebook-like features designed for enterprises with  teams as a few as three all the way up to thousands of users. Its aim? To enhance work collaboration and improve productivity, co-founder Jon Froda tells Digital News Asia, at the recently concluded Citrix Systems 2012 Synergy Conference in San Francisco.
The coming of BYOD and its challenges
While the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon is beginning to gain traction in the enterprise world, several impediments still stand in the way of the trend becoming a mainstream adoption, say industry watchers. This is the continuation of a free story first featured on DNA yesterday. 
Evidence Act amendments, a slippery slope
Evidence Act amendments allow for wide-ranging powers to go after netizens From now on, you're guilty until proven innocent
Welcome to the new world of working
It’s cool to be able to bring your own devices to work, isn’t it? Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, MacBook Airs, to name a few. But are enterprises in the world ready for such a radical shift? Edwin Yapp gets the lowdown from one of the leading BYOD vendors, Citrix Systems, at the recently concluded Synergy Conference, San Francisco.
M’sian ICT salaries rise, but still lag SEA region
While Malaysia’s average information and communication technology (ICT) job salaries have increased in the past year, the country still faces a significant salary disparity when compared to countries around the region, reveals a new survey.
Making QR codes more useful
The full potential of the QR code has not been tapped and in most instances, it is only used to link users to a website URL or merely to a company's homepage. One Malaysian startup hopes to change all that.
Reflections on the state of ICT graduates
Over the past month, Digital News Asia's Edwin Yapp has interviewed a cross section of people to bring you our inaugural cover story, on the state of our information and communication technology (ICT) graduates. One of the most glaring takeaways unearthed while writing these stories was that many graduates today find it difficult to communicate, let alone pass stressful and stringent technical interviews. As a result, many employers struggle to fill positions because our ICT graduates in general aren't able to function well without this ability to communicate.
Why enterprises must embrace social media
Enterprises are still grappling with the usefulness and the impact of social media in a business context, but must nonetheless embrace this trend or risk losing out in the longer term, say industry observers.
Operators vs OTT: Learn to live and let live
Traditional fixed-line operators must learn to co-exist peacefully with their over-the-top (OTT) counterparts, especially in an increasing data-centric world.
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