Author: Edwin Yapp

Hospital reaps gain from virtualization implementation
Malaysia's private and tertiary care hospital, Universiti Malaya Specialist Center (UMSC), has implemented infrastructure virtualization in a bid to improve its medical care delivered to patients while lowering operating costs at the same time.
Fujitsu remains bullish in tough economic times
Fujitsu Malaysia has set its sights on matching last year’s revenue growth while growing its operating profits for its latest fiscal year despite the potential global economic downturn and uncertainties over Malaysia’s looming general election.
Empowering volunteerism the social way
Do Something Good, an online portal that seeks to matchmake volunteers with non-profit organizations, was launched June 12. What's this site all about? Why does it exist? And how is it unique? Edwin Yapp has the story.
Evidence Act: An issue to be solved technically, not legally: MOL
The owner and operator of one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in Malaysia believes that making amendments to the law isn’t the right response to address certain cyber security concerns expressed by the government.
Compliance, regulation the impetus for increased security: IDC
Pressure to comply with the legal and regulatory environment in different parts of Asia is forcing more companies to relook at their security policies, procedures and technological readiness, according industry analyst IDC.
Addicted to the lap-pho-blet (laptop/phone/tablet)
Device dependency or addiction has reached new levels in the US, and we Asians are not that far behind.
SMEs tech spend increases but adoption still poor, says IDC
Despite the increase in spending over the past two years, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) generally still seem reluctant to embrace technology on a day-to-day basis, a trend that is holding back the largest segment of the working force in the country, say industry watchers.
iTunes Asian entry to have minimal impact: Ovum
The advent of the popular iTunes store in Asian markets last week is expected to cement greater loyalty for Apple products amongst its diehard fans but its launch may not necessarily endear others who are not Apple users to the store, according to an industry analyst.
Malaysian music streaming provider unfazed by new iTunes service
Malaysian cloud music provider MNC Wireless appears unperturbed by the news that tech giant Apple is introducing its hugely popular iTunes music store in the region.
Will the 'first' Microsoft tablet surface a winner?
The newly announced Microsoft Surface tablet computer from the world's largest software company may have the chops as a decent tablet to compete with Apple's iconic iPad. But to truly succeed, it needs to have more mojo than just a great spec sheet, opines EDWIN YAPP.
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