Author: Edwin Yapp

Addicted to the lap-pho-blet (laptop/phone/tablet)
Device dependency or addiction has reached new levels in the US, and we Asians are not that far behind.
SMEs tech spend increases but adoption still poor, says IDC
Despite the increase in spending over the past two years, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) generally still seem reluctant to embrace technology on a day-to-day basis, a trend that is holding back the largest segment of the working force in the country, say industry watchers.
iTunes Asian entry to have minimal impact: Ovum
The advent of the popular iTunes store in Asian markets last week is expected to cement greater loyalty for Apple products amongst its diehard fans but its launch may not necessarily endear others who are not Apple users to the store, according to an industry analyst.
Malaysian music streaming provider unfazed by new iTunes service
Malaysian cloud music provider MNC Wireless appears unperturbed by the news that tech giant Apple is introducing its hugely popular iTunes music store in the region.
Will the 'first' Microsoft tablet surface a winner?
The newly announced Microsoft Surface tablet computer from the world's largest software company may have the chops as a decent tablet to compete with Apple's iconic iPad. But to truly succeed, it needs to have more mojo than just a great spec sheet, opines EDWIN YAPP.
ICT policy makers must evolve to stay relevant: IDA
Information and communications technology (ICT) regulators have to re-evaluate their roles and make changes to the way they work if they are to evolve together with the industry, according to a policy maker.
Industry urged to engage governments on Net governance
Asia has for the past few years led the world in Internet and mobile growth penetration and will continue to do so in the next decade. But the potential intervention of governments and their actions could derail the region’s Internet economy growth, warns a former high-ranking US policy official.
Wi-Fi, the messiah of operators’ brimming networks
Mobile operators in the region have no choice but to embrace enterprise-grade Wi-Fi technology to keep up with demand of burgeoning cellular traffic, but several challenges are arrayed against the rolling out of a full-fledged, seamless cellular-cum-Wi-Fi network, notes an industry body. 
The mobile web key to m-commerce, says PayPal
Malaysian enterprises with online web presence are not prepared to take advantage of the burgeoning mobile commerce (m-commerce) transactions in Malaysia, and will have to re-think their long term strategy or risk losing out in business opportunities, according to PayPal.
M-Commerce spending in Malaysia quadrupled: PayPal
Mobile commerce in Malaysia has risen sharply in the last two years, recording close to a fourfold increase from 2010 to 2011, according to a new study by PayPal.
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