Dr Shawn Tan
Jan 22, 2018

Security flaws exploit speculative execution on a microprocessor, to create side-channels that bypass security mechanisms used to protect data in the memory.

Digital News Asia
Aug 29, 2017

The OCBC Keyboard allows customers to make e-payments to any bank account in Singapore without exiting their current mobile app.

Chong Jinn Xiung
Mar 21, 2017

Malaysia’s Henry Lim completes Google’s Alternate Reality Game Firebase Challenge.

Sharmila Ganapathy-Wallace
Mar 06, 2017

Google’s Security Princess Parisa Tabriz on being a woman in technology

Digital News Asia
Aug 16, 2016

The next version of Chrome, due out early next month, will automatically block non-visible Flash content, such as tracking and fingerprint cookies. Then, in December, Flash will be deprecated entirely, with exceptions for sites which only support Flash. All Flash functions will be replaced by HTML 5. It is now clear that the future definitely belongs to HTML 5. The days of Adobe Flash are certainly numbered.

Digital News Asia
May 20, 2016
  • Chrome set to disable Flash by default
  • Exceptions will be made for some sites

Digital News Asia
May 19, 2016

It looks like there is still life left in Firefox. Firefox has slightly pulled ahead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge browsers for the first time across the globe.

Digital News Asia
May 17, 2016
  • Windows 10 devices last 49 percent longer
  • Feature will need to be turned on manually 

BROWSER maker Opera Software has come out again with the news of one more built-in feature after recent announcements of an ad blocker and a VPN client. The company has now added a power saving mode to its desktop browser.

Digital News Asia
May 11, 2016
  • Certificates using SHA1 algorithm being retired
  • Browsers will report errors in sites using SHA1

Microsoft is planning to retire support for browser certificates signed by the SHA1 hashing algorithm in the next few months. Security researchers are warning that the widely used algorithm should be retired as soon as possible.

Edwin Yapp
Aug 17, 2012

Security researchers on cyberspace, take note: On the back of a successful “Pwnium” competition held in March, Google is doubling its total prize offering to US$2 million for the second edition of the contest, dubbed Pwnium 2 -- to be held at the Hack in the Box (HITB) security conference in Kuala Lumpur.

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