DNA in Singapore: A big step towards the vision
Behind schedule but finally there, founder Karamjit Singh talks about the reason Singapore has always loomed large for DNA.
Google’s next frontier: Everything, everywhere
Google's largest developer conference concluded recently and Edwin Yapp looks at what is signifcant besides the gadget announcements.
Mother Goose Part II: A desire to build great companies
In Part 2 of his story, DNA founder Karamjit Singh talks about the key points that entrepreneur Adam Hirsch emphasised in building up MGVD, including only taking in people who want to build companies or learn how to build them.
Support needed for the psychological stress of founders
DNA founder Karamjit Singh shares some of his thoughts from last Wednesday’s Disrupt session, and wonders if the Digerati50 can help entrepreneurs deal with their psychological stress.
CEO chosen, MaGIC to get a dose of Silicon Valley
CEO identified, working for global company out of Silicon Valley US$21.4m to kickstart activities, in Cyberjaya to tap tech ecosystem
Week in Review: 50 to watch and be inspired by
Inaugural Digerati50 is DNA’s first print project Highlights those doing interesting & impactful things I AM clearly biased here when I say that Digerati50 is the highlight of the tech ecosystem news this week.  
Digerati50: DNA’s first print publication
Spotlight turned on 50 players whom DNA feels will help shape Malaysia's Digital Economy First run of special booklet available in your copy of business weekly Focus Malaysia tomorrow
Week in Review: The glass is more than half full
Ecosystem improving, new VC funds to launch, best angel tax incentive in the world Startups should not blame VCs for not getting funding, lack of exits the real cause
Bootstrapping an entire ecosystem: Lessons from Chile
Govt embarked on ambitious programme to instil entrepreneurial culture StartUp Chile to meet target of 1,000 startups going through programme
Week in Review: A blot on the ecosystem
The lack of R&D from public universities that entrepreneurs can commercialise is a topic Karamjit Singh is, unfortunately, not unfamiliar with.
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