Lum Ka Kay
Apr 01, 2016

VMO founder and CEO Vincent Kok tells Lum Ka Kay how he is applying lessons learnt from working with two different startups.

Masyitha Baziad
Jan 07, 2016

Hendy Setiono built his Baba Rafi business from a single kebab stall to an international franchise, and digital is fuelling it all.

Lum Ka Kay
Nov 04, 2015

Looking for a clinic in an unfamiliar area during an emergency ain’t a walk in the park, especially when search engines can’t offer reliable suggestions. aims to solve that problem, writes Lum Ka Kay.

Gerrard Te Brake
Aug 13, 2015

As your business grows, data becomes more relevant and a greater number of business units will want a piece of the data pie. Save yourself the future frustration of data gaps by planning ahead and laying out the proper tagging groundwork now, writes Gerrard Te Brake of AT Internet.

Digital News Asia
May 09, 2014

Malaysian Internet marketing company Locus-T has signed a memorandum of understanding with China search powerhouse Baidu, which they said would give Malaysian entrepreneurs and businesses an all-new digital platform to reach out to China’s businesses and consumers.

Digital News Asia
Nov 19, 2013

Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) clickTRUE announced a new strategic relationship where it will act as a Google Analytics Premium authorised reseller in Asia Pacific.

Dinesh Lal Kumar
Jul 29, 2013

The third in Dinesh Lal Kumar’s four-part series covering the challenges banks face in serving the digital consumer.

Digital News Asia
Jul 04, 2013

SPH-linked online consulting firm clickTRUE said it has raised a ‘seven-figure’ sum in venture capital funding led by Rockstead Capital Group and ESW Manage, although it did not disclose actual numbers.

Gabey Goh
Nov 22, 2012

Google Malaysia has launched its Malaysia Google Certification Program (GCP) Challenge for search engine marketing platform AdWords in a bid to increase the number of certified professionals in the market.

Digital News Asia
Oct 01, 2012
  • Research firm eMarketer calls Google+ 'a sleeper social network'
  • Google+‘s connections with search engine results pages cited by 56.4% of online marketers as likely to become 'massively influential'

MARKETERS are closely watching the growth of Google+ and its connection to search results, says research firm eMarketer.

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