AMD unveils expanding set of products and technologies propelling next phase of growth
Targets PCs, immersive devices and data centre markets Unveils updates on data centre, client compute, graphics and more Chipmaker AMD has revealed its unveil its long-term technology roadmap that will help to take the company to the next phase of growth.
AMD plans to regain CPU performance crown
AMD has revealed additional architectural details and a first look at the performance of its next-generation, Zen CPU core. AMD demonstrated the Zen core achieving a 40 percent improvement in instructions per clock over its current architecture. The company has been bleeding money for several years now and it is hanging on by the slimmest of threads. If Zen fails to deliver, it will likely prove a death knell for the company - at least as a unified CPU and GPU manufacturer.
AMD looks to heaven for salvation
New GPU aimed at mainstream market Cheaper VR capable PCs promised FOR centuries, mankind has looked up at the night sky for salvation. Whether it is our friendly neighbourhood planets or imaginary constellations, the human race has always sought succor from the heavens.  
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