Multi-Channel Networks in SEA: How will they flourish?
Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) are emerging to capitalise on rising digital video trends in South-East Asia. However, to achieve sustainable growth, they need to develop core competencies within specific verticals, expand their reach beyond their domestic markets, and build downstream revenue streams to monetise their traffic, write James Phang & Sudhir Syal of Venture Consulting.
DiGi announces YouTube package
DiGi Telecommunications has announced its YouTube Internet Top Up Package, which it billed as the first of its kind.
Banning technology just isn’t the right remedy
Edwin Yapp tells us why banning a chat app isn't going to stop illicit activity in real life.
Yahoo takes on the big guns with its own ‘shorties’
Yahoo! Malaysia is seemingly taking on big guns like YouTube and luxury car-maker BMW by launching its own awards competition for short movies, in partnership with Malaysia Airlines (MAS), as well as TGV Cinemas and KRU Studios.
5 ideas for the future of advertising
An entire generation is now defined by the web, mobile, and social, and this ‘Generation C’ cares deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community. To keep up with this generation, advertisers need to move just as fast as consumers in adopting new technology, writes Susan Wojcicki of Google.
Samsung presents Korean drama-inspired web series
Samsung has announced its own Korean drama-inspired series that will run on the company’s YouTube channel starting July 20.
YouTube and Nestle launch Ramadan channel
YouTube is partnering with Malaysian content creators to launch a Ramadan Channel this year, presented and curated by Nestle.
YouTube makes Malaysian partners official
YouTube has opened up its Partner Program to video creators in Malaysia, allowing them to make money from their original works.
YouTube’s next frontier: Becoming more like TV
The world's most popular video-sharing site is growing driven by mobility, interactivity, and channel centricity, and more content architects are flocking to it as the site democratizes the creative arts further, writes Edwin Yapp.
Pivot to K-Pop leads to possible US$400,000 seed funding
They started with a generic online music video platform, but a pivot into a more focused site – Korean pop music – has led Eumakh close to sealing US$400,000 in seed funding.
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