Millennials are no different to us!
Before we cast stones at the Millennials, we should reflect on the similar intentions of the generation before.
iCar Asia strengthens Board with 3 appointments
Mark Britt and Chris Lobb will retire from their board positions effective June 30, 2017.
Khazanah takes stake in travel search company Skyscanner
Khazanah Nasional has joined four other parties to invest a total of US$192mil in global travel search engine Skyscanner, for an undisclosed stake.  
Skyscanner to ride on Asia’s travel growth, digital trends
Skyscanner, a search engine for flights, hotels and car rentals, aims to ride on growth in Asia, as well as changing traveller behaviour.
Digesting news, the new Yahoo! way
A recently-launched news aggregation app called Yahoo! News Digest aims to give readers a snapshot of what's happening in the world in a fun and cool way. Edwin Yapp speaks to Yahoo! News Digest South-East Asia managing editor Marc Lourdes to find out what it is all about.
Samsung to provide Yahoo headlines, weather on its smart TVs
Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd has announced the launch of the NewsON panel in partnership with Yahoo!, its first such content partner in the country.
Mathematician unlocks weak domain keys, Google and Microsoft affected
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Verifiers have been found to be susceptible to abuse by attackers due to weak encryption, allowing for the spoofing of e-mails from recognized domain names.
Yahoo! partners Majalah Tech in Malaysia
Yahoo! Inc and Malaysia’s leading Malay language technology publication Majalah Tech have announced a partnership that will see the two publishers bring content to digital, mobile and gaming enthusiasts across the nation.
Click-thru rates are misleading marketers: Nielsen
Click-thru rates, one of the most common metric used to trade online advertising, are significantly under-valuing the brand performance of online campaigns, signaling a need for marketers to use other metrics to gauge the effectiveness of online advertising, according to Nielsen.
Civil rights leader S. Ambiga fields questions on Yahoo!
Digital media portal, Yahoo!, plans to host an online question-and-answer session with prominent lawyer-activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan today (June 14) at 3pm, and is aimed at enabling regular Malaysians to connect and interact with newsmakers of the day. 
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