New LA-KL filmmaking venture seeks to boost local ecosystem
Malaysian film producer Leon Tan and veteran Hollywood producer and financier Greg Coote have formed a joint venture which the duo believe will fill in the missing pieces and instil the discipline that are needed to make the country a regional movie-making hub.
The ‘hidden’ art of sound design, from an award-winning Malaysian
Sound designer Axle Kith Cheeng became the first Malaysian to win a major Hollywood award when she received the Verna Fields Award for Best Sound Editing by a student film-maker for her work on Head Over Heels, which is also up for on Oscar. She talks to DNA about sound design and her movie career.
‘War of The Worlds: Goliath’ beats Madagascar 3 at 3D Film Festival in Los Angeles
Tripod Films’ animated full feature film, War of The Worlds: Goliath (WOTWG), was recognized as the Best 3D Animated Feature Film at the 3D Film Festival held last week in Los Angeles, which Tripod CEO Leon Tan says is validation that Malaysian companies can make great global products. Indeed, it beat two mainstream Hollywood movies for the honor.
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