Vinnie Lauria

Malaysia too small a market? Dotcom heavies weigh in
Still intrigued by the observations of scale and market size by Japanese venture capital firm CyberAgent Ventures, Karamjit Singh pursues the matter with some Internet heavyweights.
How much money should you raise for your start-up?
When going out to raise money, start-ups need to figure out how much money they need to grow the company over the next 18-24 months. Vinnie Lauria has some tips.
Week in Review: Start-up and funding ecosystem questions
It’s about the role of the funding ecosystem, including accelerators, and on the value our start-ups slap on themselves, writes DNA founder Karamjit Singh.
Counterpoint: The case for angels and VCs
In response to our previous commentary on Angels with pitchforks, VCs who don’t venture, DNA guest columnist and founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures Vinnie Lauria offers the other side of the story.
Sustainable social start-ups and the ecosystem
Golden Gate Ventures co-founder Vinnie Lauria writes on social enterprises and the larger start-up ecosystem in South-East Asia.
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