Verne Harnish

Moral character wins in business too
Long lasting feelings of fulfillment and happiness come from having practised integrity, generosity, gratefulness, humility, optimism, and compassion in pursuit of goals; and CEOs can support the development of these strengths, writes Verne Harnish.
You readers are the ‘eye on DNA’
DNA founder and CEO Karamjit Singh's message to our readers: Help us shape DNA into a world-class tech ecosystem news site. While we aim to be your eye on the tech ecosystem, you be the eye on DNA!
Market myopia: Blame the SWOT analysis
Why do leaders miss seeing sweeping global trends that are about to broadside them? Verne Harnish blames the standard SWOT analysis used in strategic planning.
Selling the business: Games buyers play
Savvy corporate acquisition teams have a prescribed method for wearing down the most seasoned entrepreneurs, backing them into a corner where they have to sell for a steep discount. Verne Harnish lists down some of their dirty tricks.
5 big ideas: Powering your business
If you want to grab more market share, it’s time to look at your operation through a fresh lens. There are some great ideas brewing in the global community that will help you outdistance your competitors, writes Verne Harnish.
Economic growth: A four-part solution for companies and countries
It’s time to source best practices from various nations to figure out how to get more from the money citizens are investing in growing their economies and companies. Here’s Verne Harnish with a prescription.
Maximizing your return on luck: The key strategic insight
What differentiates the great companies is their attention to maximizing their return on luck. They look for opportunities in whatever hand they’ve been dealt—and then find ways to grow from the situation exponentially, writes Verne Harnish.
Arm yourself with an advisory board
If you don’t have a board of advisors in place, now is a good time to start putting one together. Given global uncertainty, growth companies can’t afford not to have one, writes Verne Harnish.
The greatest business decisions of all time
If there’s one thing that every growth company must do to build and maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced global economy, it’s making great decisions. And sometimes, the most unlikely business decisions bear the greatest fruit, writes Verne Harnish.
Recruiting talent: Lessons from unusual approaches
To recruit top talent in today’s ultra-competitive environment, you have to tap informal networks in a creative – and aggressive – way.
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