Over two billion personal data records leaked from high-tech companies in 2016
High-tech companies accounted for almost 75% of all globally compromised data.
Analysis: Google drives the case for cloud adoption
The world’s largest search giant, Google Inc, is in a hurry. A hurry to woo enterprises onto its cloud computing offering known as Google Cloud Platform. Edwin Yapp reports from Google's Next 17 conference in San Francisco.
Yahoo security breached in world record hack
Hackers stole information from about 500 million Yahoo users in 2014. The stolen data does not include credit card details.
What does Yahoo! bring to Verizon?
Edwin Yapp takes a lot look at what the much-talked about buyout of Yahoo! by Verizon Communications means to both companies.
The world of money and espionage: Not Bond, but data breaches
Data breaches are increasing, and financial motivations appear to be behind a bulk of them, but nation-states are battling it out as well, Benjamin Cher reports.
Carriers using ‘supercookies’ to track users’ mobile browsing
Carriers in at least 10 countries have been using ‘supercookies’ to track their users’ mobile browsing, according to global digital rights organisation Access, and while there is no evidence that such spying is being conducted in this part of the world, users are urged to be wary.
Verizon expands APAC enterprise cloud capabilities
Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ customers will now have access to a suite of new and enhanced cloud services as the company expands its cloud offering in Singapore, Hong Kong and Melbourne.
Internet of Things gaining momentum in businesses: Verizon
Enterprise adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to gain momentum, says Verizon Enterprise Solutions.
Verizon extends 100G network in APAC, good news for Singapore
US telco giant Verizon Inc said it has deployed 100G technology on its network in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, connecting these three locations and further extending 100G technology on its global network.
Maxis adopts hook strategy with LTE
With Maxis taking a market leadership position in LTE rollout in Malaysia, it is timely to ask two questions: Will the LTE market be a handset-dominated one? And will Maxis adopt a premium positioning? Karamjit Singh explores the issue.
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