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MITI and the United Nations launch Malaysia SDG Investor Map
15 Investment Opportunity Areas identified, with information on indicative returns Serves as market intelligence for investors seeking SDG-aligned opportunities
Asia is the next frontier for AI development
The scale and demographics of the Asian region make it ripe for AI development, adoption and transformation.
Millions of Asean jobs at risk from automation: UN body
Millions of jobs in the Asean (Association of South-East Asian Nations) bloc are at risk from automation and similar new technologies, according to a UN study.
Digital: Jobs cuts yes, but new jobs will be created says Ericsson group CTO
The Fourth Industrial Revolution will move the global economy towards a services focus where connectivity is key, says Ericsson group CTO Ulf Ewaldsson.
DRM, the rights of the consumer ... and the UN
Digital rights management (DRM) systems or ‘digital locks’ have created an imbalance in the relations between consumer and content owner, writes Dr Jeremy Malcolm.
UN launches innovation working group in KL, part of global initiative
The United Nations has launched the Asian Innovation Working Group (aIWG), a branch of the Innovation Working Group, in conjunction with the Women Deliver conference in Kuala Lumpur.
Women’s issues and how technology can save lives
The Women Deliver 2013 global conference from May 28-30 in Kuala Lumpur saw the launch and inaugural use of +SocialGood, a new approach to global engagement that connects innovators around a shared vision: The power of technology and new media to make the world a better place.
Groupon teams up with UN for school meals program
Groupon and the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) have launched a daily deal across South-East Asia to support the empowerment of girls in Asia through school meal programs.
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