Uber masuk Surabaya
Surabaya kota ke-4 bagi operasional Uber di Indonesia Sediakan layanan pembayaran tunai meski masih terbatas  
(DNA Top 10 in 2014) The Uber-SPAD spat: Be careful what you wish for
Spurred by complaints from taxi drivers and companies, Malaysian authorities are going to start cracking down on Uber drivers without permits. The Malaysian public is up in arms, saying that the Government is protecting at best an inefficient industry, at worst a dishonest one. A. Asohan believes the issue is greyer and murkier than that.
Uber for Business rolls out in South-East Asia
Uber has rolled out its ‘Uber for Business’ offering in South-East Asia, even as it faces a crackdown in Malaysia for allegedly failing to ensure its drivers have the proper commercial permits.
UberX marks official debut in KL amidst challenges
Low-cost service offers fares 15% lower than budget taxis on average Uber enjoying growing popularity in KL, but possible regulatory issues
MyTeksi’s GrabCar launches in Singapore
Malaysian startup GrabTaxi, known as MyTeksi in its home base, has launched its premium ride service GrabCar in Singapore, following the rollout of the new service in Kuala Lumpur and Manila earlier this year.
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