Bread & Kaya: Malaysian cyberlaw cases in 2014
2014 was another interesting year in cyberspace for Malaysia’s legal fraternity, with numerous charges being made against statements made online and offline, writes Foong Cheng Leong, who gives us a rundown.
FB ad business grows, Twitter’s revenue per visitor dips: Adobe report
In the first quarter of 2014, Facebook’s ad business continued to grow with click through rate (CTR) and ad impressions increasing by double-digits quarter-over-quarter (QoQ), 20% and 41% respectively.
Banning technology just isn’t the right remedy
Edwin Yapp tells us why banning a chat app isn't going to stop illicit activity in real life.
Fake Twitter accounts being used to distribute malware
Fake Twitter followers are becoming cheaper, while fake accounts are increasingly being used to distribute malware, according to a report by Barracuda Networks Inc.
Twitter’s IPO and finding the right kind of crazy
Startups in this part of the world shouldn’t look to Twitter’s great IPO as a precursor of better things to come – we’re not flush with the kind of VC money Silicon Valley enjoys, cautions Gabey Goh.
Twitter’s new DM options: To combat spam or invite more?
News has been spreading that Twitter is slowly introducing changes to how it handles direct messages and control the types of links that can be sent; Sophos' Chester Wisniewski has a look.
Google continues reign as top mobile ad earner: eMarketer
According to eMarketer, Google earned more than half of the US$8.8 billion advertisers worldwide spent on mobile Internet ads last year, helping propel the company to take in nearly one-third of all digital ad dollars spent globally.
Melon Sail hopes to navigate the social media divide
New mobile app Melon Friends, slated to be launched by the end of May, is aimed at overseas Chinese and seeks to consolidate and help manage the experience of being active on disparate social networks.
DiGi offers free Twitter use via Opera Mini
DiGi has collaborated with Twitter to become the Malaysian telco to offer free access to the latter’s micro-blogging social media site, effective Feb 25 via the Opera Mini browser.
Social influence eclipsing conventional HR philosophies: Forbes
2013 is slated to be the year of social human resource (HR), with five broad trends overtaking some of the most traditionally tried and tested methods millions of people have relied on when getting a job or when moving to another, noted a Forbes article.
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