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Ransomware operators innovate to maintain profits
In 2015, a ransomware family called CryptoWall brought in US$325 million for its operators. Operators are even providing customer service to ransom victims.  
So what does the CISO really do?
A CISO needs to connect the boardroom to the server room, while still allowing innovation to flourish – with security embedded in it!
Fewer than 10% of APAC companies understand how cyber-attacks are performed
Fewer than 1 in 10 companies in Asia Pacific fully understand how cyber-attacks are performed, according to a cybersecurity benchmarking online survey conducted by Trend Micro Inc.
Here come the Olympics (and Olympic-themed attacks)
Global sporting events like the Olympics are a favourite for cybercriminals, according to Trend Micro. Here's what you can do to keep yourself safe.
Trend Micro doubles down in Indonesia
Trend Micro Inc recently expanded its office in Jakarta, to support what it said was Indonesia’s growing business outlook.
Trend Micro on how terrorists are abusing online tools
Cybercriminals have always abused legitimate online tools and services, but now they have been joined by an even more insidious group: Terrorists.
Philippines data breach downplayed, 55mil voters at risk: Trend Micro
Trend Micro investigations show a huge amount of sensitive personally identifiable information – including passport information and fingerprint data – were in the election commission data breach.  
Malaysian companies ripe targets for ransomware: Trend Micro
Ransomware attacks are rising in Malaysia, where businesses have become the prime targets, according to the latest Trend Micro report.
Serangan malware PoS di Indonesia digawangi ‘Poslusy’ dan ‘Alina’
Serangan dunia maya di Indonesia masih primitif, namun menyerang sektor ritel Penyerangnya kini 10 kali lebih agresif dari sistem keamanan di Indonesia
COO-as-a-Service startup Alpha7 appoints new … COO, plus a CMO
Singapore-based startup Alpha7, a ‘business cloud enabler’ which also provides a COO-as-a-Service offering, has appointed Brian Parkinson as COO and Kenneth Lim as CMO.
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