Maybank welcomes Tesla, acts as key EV financier in Malaysia
Tesla buyers to enjoy up to 90% financing through Maybank’s EV Financing Mobilized approx US$68 mil auto financing for EV, hybrid cars in M’sia in 2022 
PUBG mobile inks partnership with Tesla in new game update
The PUBG Mobile, TESLA collaboration will unite two renowned brands and will showcase their cutting-edge technologies.
Digi to seek and seize growth opportunities in digital
Digi hosts its first Digital Day, dedicated to exploring existing and new digital technologies transforming the lives of many.
An impending revolution in image rendering
Ajith Ram interviews Nvidia's Phillip Miller about IRay and GPU rendering that is revolutionising the film and design industries.    
Prediction of an impending AI revolution
David Kirk, Nvidia Fellow and the company's former chief scientist predicts a near future which includes fully self-driving cars and intelligent networks.  
Nvidia announces supercomputer deployment
Nvidia has announced the first Asia Pacific deployment of the company's DGX-1 supercomputer at CSIRO in Canberra. It can replace 250 conventional CPU-based servers, writes Ajith Ram.
Nvidia accelerates self-driving vehicle, AI research
Nvidia has announced a new system-on-chip for self-driving cars. TomTom and SAP are using the company's hardware for AI.  
The inevitable rise of the robots
According to market research company Forrester, by 2021, robots will have eliminated six percent of all jobs in the US, starting with customer service representatives and eventually drivers.  
Exploding Note 7 may not affect Samsung too much
Recall of Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding battery limited as many telcos offer it as part of mobile subscription but have yet to offer it to their subscribers.   
Nvidia accuses Intel of lying
GPU manufacturer Nvidia has accused Intel of promoting false benchmark figures about the performance of its Knights Landing Xeon Phi co-processor cards. Nvidia claims that in the latest version of the benchmark, Nvidia's Maxwell-based Tesla card is 30 percent faster. The company also says that a newer version of the Tesla co-processor using the latest Pascal GPU architecture would be 90 percent faster.
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