SushiVid sees great promise for influencer marketing
The new platform, ConfirmPlusChop, offers brands real-time engagement, instant reactions, inquiries, and feedback and brands only need pay when sales are generated.
SushiVid and LHDN to hold workshop to promote tax filing among social media influencers
The influencer marketing platform will be hosting a complimentary workshop with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia to create awareness surrounding income tax among social media influencers.
Rocketfuel aims to ignite influencer marketing
The entertainment startup hopes its focus on digital content creation and marketing will propel it into the international market.
A platform to connect influencers with brands
After a year in business Sushivid chief executive officer Yuhwen Foong says she has learnt and gained much in her journey as an entrepreneur.
DNA on BFM: A tale of three marketplaces
Today’s segment saw Karamjit Singh talking about his conversation with Ensogo CEO Krzysztof Marszalek, about Shopee introducing its own ‘university,’ and about SushiVid trying to create a marketplace to connect brands to YouTubers.
A video tells your story better: SushiVid to brands
KL startup SushiVid operates an online marketplace that connects brands to YouTube influencers.
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