Subra Suppiah

Digital Ethics 2: Teen today, digital humanist tomorrow
Subra Suppiah & Florin Rotar of Avanade on why companies today need to look into the role of ‘digital humanist,’ and what that role entails.
Digital Ethics 1: Balancing the risks and rewards
To maintain the trust of customers, it is no longer adequate for organisations to fulfil compliance and security obligations; they must move towards implementing a digital ethics framework, write Subra Suppiah & Florin Rotar of Avanade.
Unlocking productivity with a digital workplace
There is a war on talent and companies with a true digital workplace will have the upper hand in attracting digitally-savvy employees, writes Subra Suppiah of Avanade Malaysia.
Moving to the hybrid cloud in three steps
The hybrid cloud is the buzz these days, but its adoption calls for three quick steps that enterprises need to consider when making the move, writes Subra Suppiah of Avanade Malaysia.
Avanade announces new country manager for Malaysia
Business technology solutions, cloud, and managed services provider Avanade has announced the appointment of Subra Suppiah as its Malaysia country manager.
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