Steve Ballmer

Apple set to face more cyber-attacks in 2017
Trend Micro notes that Apple is being targeted more than ever before by hackers.
The incredible strangeness of being Serguei Beloussov
Entrepreneur Serguei Beloussov returned to take the reins of the company he founded in 2001, setting a new mission and vision for Acronis. Here, he tells DNA executive editor A. Asohan what the challenges are.
New Microsoft CEO Satya has to step out to step up
22-year Microsoft vet Satya Nadella brings a combination of business nous and technical chops to the CEO role, but unless he can step out from the shadow of Gates and Ballmer, it will be the same difference, writes A. Asohan.
Microsoft’s big bet on Nokia hinges on execution: Analysts
The deal may be just about dusted and done, but the audacious move by Microsoft Corp to acquire Nokia Corp’s handset business, although generally lauded, still faces challenges, according to industry analysts. Edwin Yapp reports.
The Ballmer hate: In the end, he was only human
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who has announced he will be resigning, has had to deal with unfair criticism of his leadership at times, but ultimately, the market will out, writes A. Asohan.
Microsoft CEO Ballmer to quit within a year, successor yet to be named
Microsoft Corp chief executive officer Steve Ballmer has announced his intention to retire within the next 12 months, after he has chosen his successor.
Microsoft-Oracle tie-up: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’
The recent announcement that long-time rivals Microsoft and Oracle will collaborate like never before sent some shockwaves through the industry, writes Edwin Yapp.
Windows re-imagined, Microsoft not quite
Microsoft has launched the Windows 8 operating system, its big bet to regain its relevance in what is becoming a post-PC world, but gave no indication of when its Surface tablet computer would roll out in Malaysia or the rest of the region.
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