Somebody to Watch Over Me
Malaysian start-up SECQME Sdn Bhd is seeking to raise US$1 million in funding to fuel expansion plans for Watch Over Me, a mobile security app it developed for women.
Travel start-up TripZilla makes maiden voyage to Malaysia
Singapore-based travel portal TripZilla has launched the Malaysian edition of its site, claiming 69 travel agencies on board with over 3,000 packages and itineraries.
Loanstreet aims to help you navigate loan application hassles
Startup Loanstreet is on a mission to improve the entire process of applying for loans in Malaysia, and to help customers make sure they've got the right financial product for their needs.
How much money should you raise for your start-up?
When going out to raise money, start-ups need to figure out how much money they need to grow the company over the next 18-24 months. Vinnie Lauria has some tips.
Week in Review: A once hot start-up fights to stay relevant
Karamjit Singh shines the spolight this week on Green Packet, its fight to stay relevant against the big telco boys, and the cost a change in strategy must entail for determined entrepenuers.
Raising money IS supposed to be hard!
While start-ups complain about how hard it is to raise money in Malaysia, there is a lot more money available today than ever before for entrepreneurs -- but it is money seeking quality in both the idea and team that will execute, writes Karamjit Singh.
Start-ups, don’t leave your customers in the lurch
Start-ups should devote some time to thinking about the exit strategy for customers, since a great product can still disappear from the market when issues behind the scenes reach a critical stage, writes Gabey Goh.
Week in Review: Fueling the dreams of start-ups
Funding from both public and private money helps fire up entrepreneurs with big dreams, writes DNA founder and CEO Karamjit Singh.
Week in Review: Penang no longer just about MNCs
Multinationals still dominate the Penang landscape, but now local companies are fighting for the top engineers too, writes DNA founder and CEO Karamjit Singh.
JFDI.Asia selects 8 teams for first accelerator program in 2013
JFDI.Asia has unveiled eight digital start-up business teams set to run its gruelling 100 days idea-to-investment accelerator program. The race begins on Feb 21 at its new purpose-built facility in the island republic.
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