​​SolarWinds appoints new APJ director of channel sales
SolarWinds announced the appointment of Sandeep Mehra as director, channel sales for Asia-Pacific and Japan.
SolarWinds announces Rani Johnson as chief information officer
As CIO, Johnson will lead the SolarWinds IT and business applications teams.
Singapore organisations move further into the cloud
Ninety percent of organisations have migrated critical applications and IT infrastructure over the past year.
SolarWinds surveys shed light on expanding IT borders
SolarWinds' IT is Everywhere surveys showcase how the realm of IT is expanding beyond the traditional borders of company-owned devices and on-premises technology, thereby placing greater demand on IT professionals to manage technology outside their traditional scope of control.
The hybrid cloud and outages: Who you gonna call?
In the age of the hybrid cloud, network visibility is important as troubleshooting goes beyond your internal systems to those outside of your direct control.
IT pros undervalued by Singaporean businesses and end-users: SolarWinds research
Most Singaporeans agree that IT has a greater impact than their own bosses on their daily work lives, yet most IT professionals feel they are only moderately valued by their employers, according to research by SolarWinds.
8 applications you should hunt down on your network
The influx of low-cost or no-cost applications – easy to download and user-friendly – means rogue employees are failing to bring IT into the equation, despite the effect (and potential risks) these applications can pose on the network. SolarWinds’ Leon Adato has some tips for IT.
In Singapore, IT struggling to keep apps up and running: SolarWinds survey
While applications are now the heart of businesses of all sizes and their performance is the lifeblood of success, IT departments in Singapore organisations continue to struggle to ensure app performance and availability, according to a SolarWinds survey.
Most Singapore IT pros lack confidence on new tech: SolarWinds study
Singapore's IT personnel are not receiving  the right training to best advise their businesses regarding emerging technologies, IT management software provider SolarWinds said, citing the results of a study it conducted.
The interconnected environment and businesses
What does the IoT era actually mean for the IT department? How will this new environment impact the way organisations manage their technologies? Lawrence Garvin of SolarWinds has some thoughts on this.
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