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Dirty, dirty boy: Malaysians lack ‘cyber-hygiene’
When it comes to cybersecurity awareness, there is a pretty big gap between what Malaysians know, and what they think they know, writes Lum Ka Kay.
Selfie generation? Here’s what you really need to know
Many young people don’t realise that giving away too much information online can have serious consequences, says security firm ESET, which offers some guidelines. 
Social media users ripe targets for cybercriminals
Almost a third (30%) of social network users share their posts, check-ins and other personal info with everybody who is online, and not just their friends, according to a quiz by Kaspersky Lab.
ESET joins Facebook programme, free security for all users
ESET said it has joined Facebook’s anti-malware initiative and now offers its ESET Online Scanner for all Facebook users for free.
Nine social media scams you need to know
As social media is now a common destination for mobile users, it has also become one of the favourite attack hotspots for cybercriminals, Trend Micro said.
Facebook users most likely targets of account theft: Kaspersky
Facebook remains the preferred target for cybercriminals who specialise in stealing social network accounts, according to Kaspersky Lab statistics,
Kehmistry makes Valentine’s Day debut with U Mobile
Dating app Kehmistry has made its official market debut, with a marketing campaign in partnership with cellular services provider U Mobile kicking off on Valentine’s Day today (Feb 14).
The 2014 security outlook for Malaysia: Symantec
As the Internet of Things, the cloud, real-time analytics and other technologies step out of our imaginations and into our lives, so too do a host of sophisticated threats that we must address, or risk progress, writes Eric Hoh of Symantec.
Fake Twitter accounts being used to distribute malware
Fake Twitter followers are becoming cheaper, while fake accounts are increasingly being used to distribute malware, according to a report by Barracuda Networks Inc.
Facebook home to Christmas scammers, warns Kaspersky Lab
As we get ready for the onslaught of Christmas-themed status updates, we should also prepare for a barrage of scams on social networks in the coming month too, Kaspersky Lab experts have warned.
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