Social Media Marketing

Clueless about social media for business? Follow this …
Social media marketing ‘not-a-guru’ Jagdish Singh begins a regular series that looks at using social media to meet business objectives, with his experiences as a client.
Social media marketing gurus and other mythical creatures
Social media marketing is too new and fast-changing a field to have engendered any real ‘gurus’ – the next time you hear a pitch, play the Chinese Food Mind Games until you get actual business outcomes, suggests A. Asohan.
Meltwater amps up Buzz 3.0 for social media marketers
Online intelligence solutions provider Meltwater has announced an upgrade to Meltwater Buzz, its flagship social media marketing suite. 
ChopChop hopes to make a dent, and more
Aaron Hee and his mates started ChopChop with a simple idea: Using the mobile phone to create a loyalty program. But it can be a powerful value proposition for merchants, most of whom will admit that they have no clue who their customers are, and even worse, who their best customers are and how to build a relationship with them.
IBM goes social with Smarter Trends
Technology giant IBM has a new website called Smarter Trends, a resource for information and discussions on energy, water and city development.
Making marketing sense of social media
The fact that everyone is talking about social media causes a euphoric rush in the number of brand platforms that are currently trying to capture a share of the available digital real estate. However, when one digs deeper, many are still only treading the surface of what is possible.
Digital marketing expected to exceed RM450m for 2012
Three years ago in Malaysia, there was probably one company with a digital budget of RM5 million or more. Today there are over 20 companies in Malaysia. Digital advertising has arrived.
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