Security Policy

Steps to a brighter, safer, and more secure digital world
Data breaches and cyber-attacks seem to have become the new normal in today’s increasingly digital world, but it’s not all gloom-and-doom – there are steps you can take to protect your organisation.
Cybersecurity: Here’s how NOT to defend yourself
Restricting or cutting off access should not even be a consideration, while threat intelligence needs to grow up and become actionable, security experts tell Benjamin Cher.
Targeted attacks the ‘new normal,’ says Trend Micro exec
Expect at least two major data breach incidents to occur every month in 2015 Corporate BYOD policies must be ‘living documents’ to accommodate rapid changes
Careless employees the greatest mobile security threat: Check Point report
The greatest threat to mobile security resides within the organisation, with 87% of professionals in a survey calling out careless employees. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents believed that recent high-profile breaches of customer data were likely due to employee carelessness, according to Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Accidental sharing by staff bigger threat to data loss: Kaspersky Lab
In a global survey of IT professionals, 27% of all businesses said they have lost sensitive business data due to internal IT threats in the past 12 months, according to Kaspersky Lab. For the first time since the company began tracking these incidents in 2011, accidental data sharing by staff now produces a greater amount of lost data than software vulnerabilities.
Information security is about you … yes, you!
When it comes to security, don’t ignore people. Organisations should define, strategise, deliver and verify a comprehensive information security awareness programme for the workforce, writes Sivanathan Subramaniam of Cyber Intelligence.
Shadow IT: 80% of employees use unapproved apps at work
A survey of more than 600 IT and line of business decision-makers or influencers in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand saw more than 80% admitting to using non-approved applications in their jobs, according to McAfee.
Policy framework a must for security today: IDC
The first step for any organisation seeking to better address security concerns is to establish a policy framework, which will underpin the work their IT departments embark on, says IDC’s Mayur Sahni.
CyberArk unveils Master Policy, new approach to privileged account security
CyberArk has announced the availability of Master Policy, which it said was a ‘policy engine’ that would enable customers to set, manage and monitor privileged account security in a single, simple, native language interface.
How to reduce policy accumulation and improve security
The escalating number of security rules and policies accumulated by firms over time is leaving many unable to respond effectively to the changing threat landscape.
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