School Safety

Online harassment of schoolkids as high as 70%: Survey
Cyberbullying and online harassment experienced by schoolchildren in Malaysia is increasing, according to a survey conducted by DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd and its CyberSAFE in Schools programme partners.
Internet in schools: Malaysian parents concerned about privacy
A new survey shows that Malaysian parents have high hopes for the benefits that modern Internet services such as email and document collaboration offer to their children in school, but overwhelmingly margin believe these services must not be allowed to engage in online advertising or data mining of children’s personal information.
Cybersafety: Malaysian schoolkids know ‘why’ but not ‘how’
An extensive survey of nearly 10,000 Malaysian schoolchildren showed that most were aware of the importance of safe online habits, but did not know how to do so.
Technology's in schools, but what about data privacy?
Today, schools in Malaysia, India and around the world need to ensure their Internet service partners have good privacy and security practices in place in order to reap the benefits from an increasingly holistic and technologically-savvy education system, writes Pradeep S. Mehta.
Security must-knows for schools
Schools need to have access to information for their staff and students, but there is a fine line between freedom of information and the risk of information abuse and loss, writes Dell's KT Ong..
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