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Darktrace threat report 2016 launched
Darktrace, a leader in enterprise immune system technology, releases a report detailing six real-world threat incidents uniquely uncovered by its researchers.
Digital transformation initiatives = greater risks
The ongoing digital transformation initiatives in many organisations may bring many benefits but are also exposing them to greater risks, according to Darktrace.
Darktrace announces regional partnership with M.Tech
Darktrace, which specialises in ‘Enterprise Immune System’ technology, announced a partnership with Singapore-based cybersecurity and network performance solutions provider M. Tech to bring its cyber-defence technology across Asia Pacific and Oceania.
Darktrace enters Asia Pacific security appliance market
Riding on the back of a fresh US$18-million investment, Cambridge, UK-based cybersecurity firm Darktrace is expanding its global reach, launching its Asia Pacific operations in Singapore in March.
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